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Anonymous said...

Boyd superintendent and others are getting a taste of their own medicine should be the title of the WCM story. They are whining about the A-F accountibility system. They have been telling teachers, students and parents for years that it's the system, it is what it is, etc. It's sad that they are just now deciding to adopt resolutions when it's their personal reputaion and resumes that is at stake. Schools have had ratings for years now. This accountiblity affects superintendents' reputations.

The article states that Boyd board members "agreed that the prospect of hanging a campus' letter grades in front of each building is demeaning." Well, what the heck do they think this whole system has been doing administrators, teachers, and students for years? I cannot tell you how many parent conferences I have had where I have had to listen to parents ask the same questions these whiny superintendents are bending Phil King's ear about. Teachers get put on growth plans. Students get the retard stamp on their forehead. Principals get the squeeze put on them and in cases, demoted and fired because they've been held to the same accountibility system that the superintendents are whining about now.

Anonymous said...

Wise County did not win a "national conference"...completely false and misleading headline for that story. Wow. Wise County will host one of hundreds of caucus, committee and other meetings associated with the work of that organization...not the national conference.