Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't mind people who are smart and who disagree with me. In fact, I love it. Heck, I live for it. I've got friends up at the courthouse and we go at it all the time. And I don't mind people who just don't care and go on their merry way. What I cannot stand are those people who inject themselves into conversations who (1) are willfully dishonest or (2) willfully ignorant. 
  • The greatest redneck fight ever. Both drunk and fighting over the last beer. 
  • Most of you don't get to hear it, but The Ticket will do a segment every few weeks about the idiocy of Fox 4's Viewer's Voice where either Clarice Tinsley or Steve Eagar will read Facebook/Twitter comments and then retort. Pure gold. 
  • Why did Trump yesterday blame our intelligence agencies for releasing the salacious details of his alleged romp in Russia in the 35 page report? They didn't release it. Buzzfeed did. Does he not know that? Why attack the CIA and FBI? Why does he hate those agencies?
  • Why did he refuse to take a question from a CNN reporter (which even caused Fox News to come to CNN's defense) claiming CNN released "fake news"? They didn't release the 35 page report. Buzzfeed did. CNN reported the security briefing included a two page document that Russia might have compromising information about Trump. That is actual legitimate news that the security officers thought Obama and Trump needed to be aware of it. 
  • But Trump was in propaganda mode again this morning: 
  • And the existence of the 35 page report is not even "fake news." (The New York Times has a great story of how it came into existence, even naming  the former British spy who authored it, and  and The Guardian has an equally great story of how John McCain sent an envoy overseas to get a copy of it and how the spy met with Mother Jones back in October.)  
  • But I'm excited about Trump's news conferences in the future. They will be absolute train wrecks. 
  • TCU beat UT in Austin last night. The last time it happened was 30 years ago and the Star-Telegram ran a photo on the cover which depicted then player and now current coach of TCU, Jamie Dixon. (h/t Bud Kennedy.)
  • Let's see what Trump is up to this morning. Ummmkaaaay:
  • There's a lawyer advertising on The Ticket about an upcoming "warrant round-up" offering a 25% discount off his fee. (I have, for years, said there are no "warrant round-ups" for traffic tickets. I believe it's a scare tactic by the government to get you to pay your tickets.) I went to the lawyer's website and in his short bio he brags that he passed the bar on the first try. That's the standard now?