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I Didn't Even Know There Was An Exemption Policy


Anonymous said...

Ours is similar, with these things also: no student is exempt in the fall semester (for any class), and cannot be exempt from a one semester class (fall or spring).

Anonymous said...

McDonald's has a "sauce policy" on chicken nugget orders too.

Anonymous said...

Decatur is dumb. The inmates run that place.

Baylor Too said...

From personal experience, that is a bad policy.

Who is most likely to receive exemptions for finals? Kids with higher-than-average grades.

Who is most likely to go to college, where they will have to take exams? Kids with higher-than-average grades.

In high school I rarely had to take final exams. When I got to college, I didn't know how to study for exams. I think it really puts college-bound kids at a disadvantage.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me
Have to have an 80
Or maybe
You have to breathe

Anonymous said...

In MY day(61 years old), there wasn't any such thing as an exemption. Everybody took all tests, no matter what!

Of course, we walked three miles to school each day, it snowed every day, and it was uphill in both directions. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Been that way for at least 20 years.

Anonymous said...

6:36...I totally agree. This was awful for my first semester in college where studying for a final exam was something I never had to worry about. My kids who do not attend DISD have had to take every test and college was a much easier transition.