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It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 I love the moment he hits the first barrier.
 Funny, but who is filming out there in the middle of nowhere?
 Quality dive.
 Better dive.
Product manufacturer of dog bowls must hate dogs.
Dog acting audition. They're hired. 


Anonymous said...

Young Don Trump going down the Up Escalator:

Get out of my way. Rules don't apply to me. Ow! Ow! My jewels! My Prostate! Dang liberal media! It's their fault! Hilary! Hilary!

DF Reince Preibus (is that how I spell my name?)

Anonymous said...

That girl on the diving board has some awesome moves and flexibility. Anybody have her phone number? I think we could party.

DF Ray Rice Waiting in the Elevator

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, the only way the quality dive guy got out of that without a broken back or at least a few broken ribs is if he was drunk.


sulopa said...

I love your Friday afternoon posts! So funny! Have a good weekend BG.

Triple Fake... said...

field gif: looks staged. the basket landed perfectly on his head. Why was that being filmed, anyway?

Quality dive: he needs to contact his branch manager!

Better dive: better scenery!

dog bowl: give a dog a bone...keep him busy for a day. Give a dog an unattainable image of a bone...keep him busy for life.

Anonymous said...

Your drunk!

Anonymous said...

Any time there is absolutely no lag between an unexpected disaster and the ability of the camera to pan right along with the "unforeseen" event (yeah right) know it's fake. There is going to be at least some delay due to reaction time.

Anonymous said...

In reverse order...

The dog appears to be a French poodle. Keyword, French. All bark and no bite.

Someone call the ASPCA.

Her name is Lindy.

Nice triple Lindy.

Rice abuse.

Drunk dude, and a staged performance gone bad.

Anonymous said...

It's just incredible. An "expert" on CNN just blamed police officers for the 5,000 black on black gang shootings over the past decade in Chicago.