You Better Hope So

Or we are about to see one of the biggest storms in the history of this country.

It won't be about a sex show. It will be about Treason because of coordinating with Russia because you were possibly being blackmailed.

Everyone might want to find their most trusted source of news right now.

It's so bad that I don't want it to be true. Hopefully, it is not. The country can't take it.

Edit: This is the best summary of the craziness of the night. That is truly fair an balanced and explains the crazy political storm earlier in the evening.  But it is not "fake news" as Trump claims There are allegations in a memo, prepared by a third party which may or may not be true, presented to both Obama and Trump by the head of every security agency . But they felt it was so shocking that both needed to be aware of it. (But Kellyanne Conway earlier today said, to Seth Myers believe it or not, that Trump was "unaware" of the allegations.) Nevertheless, that is news.

But Trump has promised a news conference tomorrow. If he cancels, he looks guilty. If he goes through with it, he'll be asked questions and he'll be on the record for the press to investigate.

Edit: Another good summary.