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I've Always Thought These Ordinances Were Weird

But I struggle to find a constitutional argument against them despite it is your personal property parked on your own real estate.

However, is it an offense regardless of the amount of time the car is running? Is thirty seconds a crime?  What is "unattended"? If I can see the car out the window does that meet the definition? And notice the "keys in ignition" part of the ticket. Is a car with a remote starter OK? If so, it's not the wasted emissions that the ordinance is designed to fight but theft. So why isn't it a crime to leave my keys in my car if it is not running?

So many questions on the day the Texas legislature goes back into session to screw some more things up.


Triple Fake... said...

Can't recall where I saw it, but I read something only last week that said it's actually bad to let your car idle for an extended period while warming it up. Better for engine life to run it about 30 seconds before taking off.
I wouldn't leave my car running and unattended even if it was in my driveway. A certain street between the post office and place of work easily reveals who leaves their cars running - on the street. Their headlights are usually on. Dumb!
However, I did get threatened with a ticket for standing no more than about 12ft away from my idling motorcycle once, in the '80s

"What is "unattended"? If I can see the car out the window does that meet the definition?"
If you can see your car out the window, but you're holding an infant, or you're barefoot and in your drawers, would that meet your definition of not unattended?
You've complained more than once about "bait cars". Irony much?

Anonymous said...

Too many lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Seems we all get jacked up at every corner these days...big government at work.

Anonymous said...

I believe there are laws on the books in some areas of the country where leaving your keys in your ignition is, in fact, a violation of the local laws.

The funny thing about Roseville, MI, a suburb of Detroit, is they will steal your car anytime, keys or no keys.

Anonymous said...

It is a deterrent! When you start your car with the automatic remote, your car doors are locked and their is no key in the ignition! To leave your keys in the car with it running is just "asking for it"! If someone steals your car and it is used in a commission of a felony, are you libel? Are you considered an accomplice? You should be! Do you leave your front door unlocked? How about your backdoor for convenience? But if you keep guns in the house and someone just walks in, steals it and uses it to kill someone, are you libel? You should be!!! It is far less likely someone is going to break your glass and get in your property, than to easily open the door and take what they want, your property, your car, etc. It's all deterrents and being a responsible adult! It's just common sense! Lots of folks don't seem to have that!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bozo, this happened in Michigan, not Texas. SHEESH

Anonymous said...

Libel? Really dude? I wish you'd quit sayin' bad sh!!t(e) about me

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:50---------

When my truck is idling in the driveway, I'm not holding an infant, looking out the window. I'm holding a .357. Want to steal my truck? Go ahead, give it your best shot. I will too.

Good luck

Anonymous said...