Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Waco DA has announced that he is pursing "child porn" prosecutions based upon images allegedly found on cell phones that were confiscated from a few of the bikers in the Twin Peaks Biker Incident. That office isn't smart enough to know how to prosecute images found on phones or the millions of problems associated with it. It's just a desperation effort since the Worst DA's Office In The State is finally figuring out they indicted 170 cases for murder and assault that they can't prove. They've realized it is CYA time.   
  • There is an interesting problem developing in Freestone County where a district judge is the mom and the newly elected DA is the son. What could go wrong?
  • I've never driven down 380 by the Sheriff's Office where I haven't had to stop for the red light. Every. Single. Time.
  • Trump referred to the intelligence agencies with "intelligence" in quotes again this morning -- once again demeaning them. And out of nowhere he referred to Hillary as "guilty as hell" but didn't elaborate. 
  • The Tweeting Texas Supreme Court Judge gave a big speech yesterday, and in his opening remarks said his aunt  was friends with Elvis Presley but he never asked her about it because it would make her "all shook up."  Kill me. He's like the nerd at the party who tells the same bad joke over and over again. 
  • I'm not sure there has ever been a seven story apartment complex in Tarrant County.
  • "On Thursday afternoon, C-SPAN's online live video coverage of Congress abruptly switched to a live feed of the Kremlin-backed news channel Russia Today." C-SPAN is investigating. (See it here.) Does Russia have college football? I'm trying to plan for next Fall. 
  • If you didn't almost tear up at the President surprising Joe Biden with the Medal of Honor then you have a very hard heart. 
  • Did I see that Rudy Guliani will be Trump's cyber security adviser? Him? I bet he has an AOL email account. 
  • Nominee for HUD Secretary Ben Carson yesterday couldn't promise the Senate Committee that none of HUD's $30+ billion wouldn't in some way end up in the hands of Trump's businesses.  The brain surgeon couldn't say that would not happen. How could he? He doesn't know. We all don't know. 
  • Ok, boys. You've got your wish.  Repeal Obamacare and replace it. All of you should write down on a piece of paper what your current premium is and what your deductible is. And then check back with me after four years. My list of investment opportunities is increasing: Legal edible weed, drones, virtual reality, and now, medical insurance companies. This is going to be a cluster.
  • "SPIRIT CHAMPIONSHIPS – Several [Wise County] high school cheerleading squads competed in the University Interscholastic League spirit championship Wednesday and Thursday in Fort Worth." I bet that scene is a real life Bring It On.