Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It's an official holiday, the courthouse is closed, but once again I prove ITHWMISB*.
  • What an all time classic game. I'm not sure if the play before the field goal will rival Dwight Clark's "The Catch", but it will be close:
  • I don't know if I've ever seen a game where I've said to the TV, "Run the ball!" over and over again. 
  • And what a beating if you were at the game when it came time to leave: 
  • Back in the day:  Between 1967 and 1983, the Cowboys were in 12 of 17 Conference Championship Games. I lived through it and still find it mind boggling. 
  • As a little boy, I saw the Packers and Cowboys in the Cotton Bowl in 1970 on Thanksgiving Day. When I asked my dad about it, he told me he went to the 1950 Cotton Bowl game. But get this: He got there by taking a train from Bridgeport to Dallas. 
  • There's a city in Mississippi that doesn't realize the South lost the Civil War:
  • A private teacher "And Another"with a twist: 
  • But this "And Another" got a 10 year sentence out of Houston on Friday. It sounds like it was an "open plea" meaning she pled guilty to the judge and let him do what he wanted within the applicable range of punishment. 
  • The Ringling Brothers Circus has announced it is shutting down. It feels like it has been dead for thirty years. 
  • Was this some weird bit? She actually "protected" her account after being ridiculed for posting this. That's a little unusual for someone whose bread and butter is feeding drivel to the public. 
  • Trump had a wild few days. He attacked civil rights leader John Lewis on MLK Weekend, got a ton of blowback and then doubled down. And in doing so he kept using his racist code word "inner city" (for even affluent parts of Atlanta no less). He then cancelled his trip to the African-American Museum in D.C.. News leaked that his first official trip will be to meet with Putin. And then CIA director blasted Trump for not understanding Russia which caused Trump to reply like a petulant child accusing him of releasing "fake news."
  • What if someone were to hack Trump's Twitter account some day? (Which seems like the easiest thing to hack ever.) And then we wake up one morning to a tweet which says, "We are launching nuclear missiles at North Korea in 30 minutes." And to think people were upset that Hillary had a private email server. 
  • And such a tweet would be absolutely believable. It's not like we expect him to show presidential restraint:  
  • It's already time to realize The Emperor Has No Clothes. The Ticket hosts in the afternoon last week said they had only one wish for Trump: Don't get us killed in the next four years and we'll be happy. 

*"I'm the hardest working man in show business."™ All rights reserved.