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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I woke up 15 minutes late this morning. Man, that messes up my routine which I have down to the minute.
  • Mrs. LL's Gangsta Mobile might be having transmission problems or, hopefully, computer problems that control the transmission. She lost power on the highway but it's now running smoothly. If it's a transmission problem it's not going to fix itself, right? We'll find out today.
  • Was that sleet? Tiny hail? 
  • The Golden Globes was/were on last night, and I say this every year: It is 50 times better than the Oscars.
  • I can't stop laughing at this: Tommy Lee Jones was not happy last night at the Golden Globes and someone compared him to "grumpy cat". 
  • And Jodie Foster's speech last night after receiving some lifetime achievement award was confusing and almost indescribable  I think she said, "I've been doing this all my life, it has been so hard, I'm done." Cry me a river.
  • Sports: (1) That may have been the best NFL weekend ever, (2) the touchdown pass by the Ravens with about 30 seconds left truly had me saying, "You've got to be kidding me", (3) the 49ers put in the option read for QB Colin Kaepernick and he turned into a bigger and (maybe) faster RG3, and (4) Mrs. LL was yelling at the TV yesterday because her grandparents are huge Seattle fans -- she now has a hot sports opinion about trying to "ice the kicker", (5) did you notice that Fox's Second team (Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragusa) were demoted this weekend and didn't announce a playoff game?
  • Mrs. LL told me on Friday evening that she was going on a Girls Night Out on Saturday. Hey, I've seen Magic Mike, what the heck was going on?  But I learned it involved thirty (!) women who went out to eat and then to see a play based upon Footloose in the mid-cities. 
  • My favorite Wise County pastor went on a rant about gays yesterday on Facebook. It's amazingly entertaining. (He later complained that his church attendance was as low as it had 
  • An internet genius, who was only 26, has killed himself
  • I really don't follow the "controversy" over the current Secretary of Defense nominee but I did love this comment this weekend: "He's nominated for Defense Secretary of the United States -- not Defense Secretary of Israel."
  • I've always found it odd how the Right Wing will go the mat over Israel but also believe no Jew will get into Heaven. 
  • I'm still on my X-Box kick.  Bought a family oriented sports game which caused me to yell at some little cartoon girl who was killing me in tennis. 
  • Mark Cuban inherited Dirk. If you think Jerry Jones doesn't know what he's doing, just wait once Dirk is gone. You are beginning to see the fraud that is Mark Cuban.