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Random Monday Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Apparently some parts of the county are a skating rink while others are all clear.
  • For about two minutes I was stuck next to an 18 wheeler as we both slid back and forth towards each other. That was stressful. 
  • The suicide at Vista Ridge mall yesterday was unnerving. 
  • But the suicide of a Fort Worth pediatrician  might by applauded by some. 
  • There are actually people who believe that the Newtown shooting was planned by the White House in order to ban guns.
  • I wonder if Oprah ever got around to asking Lance Armstrong any questions after she got through talking about herself. 
  • Cute puppy dog up for adoption at the Wise County Animal Shelter. (Facebook.)
  • The Gangsta Mobile is in the shop awaiting for diagnosis. We had to get a rent car and ended up with a Camaro. I want it. 
  • My routine is now seriously in the ditch (figuratively speaking.)