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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Al Roker finally talked about his unfortunate comment but managed to turn the conversation to his New York Times bestseller, "So I'm laughing all the way to the bank."
  • Mark Cuban said yesterday that the Mavericks will be active before the trade deadline because the "Bank of Cuban is open."
  • Sheesh. Bank humor.
  • Radio guy Mark Davis said that he went to the clinic yesterday to get some routine blood work done. There is no way I'm going near a clinic right now unless I'm sick.
  • Had a weird dream last night where someone else told me that they were haunted by "the voices in the cubicals."  I have no idea what this means. But I woke up thinking it had some profound meaning. 
  • "An increasing number of female students from University of Texas Austin, Texas State University, University of North Texas, and University of Texas Arlington are turning to the ‘Sugar Baby Lifestyle’ to fund their education." So they've got that going for them. 
  • Over the weekend, it was the 30 year anniversary of an Air Florida jet crashing into the freezing Potomac River in D.C.  If that were to occur today, Arland D. Williams, Jr. would be a household name. 
  • Man, if you are a Shady Hook "truther" (see below), I would keep that to myself. 
  • The book-in photo of the former TABC agent who allegedly secretly videod his stepdaughter is really odd. Has he had a stroke?
  • A guy was booked in this morning in Denton for "Improper Relationship Between Student and Teacher." I bet that will be on the news later. 
  • The President is supposed to announce his Executive Orders regarding gun control today. He could order the prohibition of having a nuclear bomb in your garage and people would skewer him for it. (But I saw where Shady Hook victims' families will be there.)
  • I made Mrs. LL watch a replay of the last five minutes of the Broncos/Ravens game because she actually likes stuff like that. I kept referring to the "team in the white jersey" for her until she shot back, "Hey. Stop it. It's the the Baltimore Raves!"
  • I noticed in the Update that someone named "Lisbeth Fischer" was in a wreck. I googled the name for the heck of it and learned that "Lisbeth Fischer" is also is "a punk grindcore band from the wasted earth." So now you know. 


Anonymous said...

With a gun safe full of sporting rifles/shotguns, a handgun in the nightstand, (no childlren in the house) I do not feel threatened by New York's new gun laws.

May common sense spread to to the rest of the states.

It is time for gun owners to stand up to the manufacturers......enough is enough.

Bacon said...

Bacon Scale
3.7 out of 5
Very HOT ... would go more but just going by what I see.

3.5 out of 5
Very very cute.


wordkyle said...

In 2008 it was faux Greek columns in Denver. Today it's children and Sandy Hook folks. Obama has about the same emotional attachment to the people as he did the plaster columns. They're all just props to him. Obama's making sure he doesn't let a good serious crisis go to waste. Using the deaths of children to promote your agenda is good politics, and I'm sure the media will swoon over it.

Anonymous said...

SANDY Hook. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

What is Shady Hook?

Anonymous said...

Obammy sounds kind of Shady to me.

Anonymous said...

Now if we could get him to direct his efforts to the economy and jobs as fast as he did the guns.

Anonymous said...

Wordy, oddly enough, I suppose I can accept your comment today.

However, it would be a little more realistic if you didn't single out Obama. Every President in recent memory (as well as many of those throughout history) has tried to take advantage of tragedies and deaths in an effort to further what they want to do.

Some would even argue that FDR used the deaths at Pearl Harbor to further his desire to enter WWII.

Anonymous said...

I googled my name, and you wouldn't believe...

Dick Dragon

Anonymous said...

Singling out the President doesn't detract from the argument.

Are you one of those guys whose main argument for the President was, see Romney did it too.

"Some would even argue".... people have said that. Books have literally been written on that very subject.

The first election I was able to vote in was in 1996. I've had plenty of bad thigns to say about all three.

My remarks are broken and not well written. I'm trying to dumb it down for the locals on here.

Rex Kramer said...

Point Dick Dragon

HarveyLee said...

The agent's booking photo: Could be Bell's Palsy.

Anonymous said...

Funny that an attorney inadvertently and repeatedly uses the word "shady."

Anonymous said...

If a non-gun related tragedy happened, and Obama didn't do anything about it, wordturd would crucify him for it.

But if a gun-related tragedy (one of many, by the way, there have been several mass-shootings in recent years) happens, wordturd complains because Obama IS doing something.

Get a new schtick wordy. Your crybaby can't-lose-gracefully attitude is tiresome.

Consilium ac prudentia said...

I don't believe that it was a conspiracy by the government that was the cause of the tragedy at Sandy Hook, but I can certainly see the government twisting some information to fit their agenda in an effort to "never let a good crisis go to waste." There are some conflicting reports that need to be clarified. The fact that the news showed police officers removing the "assault weapon" from his trunk and found all the pistols in the school but the corner reports that everyone of the deaths was by .223 is a serious conflict that needs to be cleared up. Why the sudden reversal on the police reports that said only pistols were used? There are other things that need to be cleared up but I'm not going to type all day. The fact that I see serious conflicts between reports of the shooting makes me neither crazy or a "truther."

smarter than some of you said...

to the tool bag @ 9:55

what's your point? your comment reads like you are having some kind of homoerotic scat filled fantasy about a commenter and are sharing it with the other readers.


If you are starved for attention then I reccommend a puppy. They typically don't care what kind of a douche you are so long as you keep the food dish full.

by the way we all watch the news and know shooting happen. Thinks for reminding us. They are huge ratings grabbers for the local and national media and that is why they spend weeks dissecting them.

The expression "if it bleeds it leads" has never been more accurate.

Anonymous said...

8:48, what the hell are you talking about????

wordkyle said...

955 - You're right. In fact, I would argue that Obama is not doing anything to curb gun violence today, but is only using the occasion to promote his political agenda. If he wanted to do something to curb gun violence he would have already addressed the thousands of murders in Chicago, over 500 last year alone. Why hasn't Obama trotted out a bunch of black kids and grieving parents from Chicago?

Scott said...

Find it very interesting that our President failed to submit another budget on time AGAIN, which is illegal. But he had no problem rushing through Gun Control legislation in just a few weeks since Sandy Hook occurred.

Presidents previously have used people as "props" during bill signings and such, but it has always been someone who pressed for the law. If he had the parents of children killed at Sandy Hook there, I don't believe people would have as much trouble. Having kids there who he claims wrote him about this sounds too set up.

Anonymous said...

Now wordy wants Obama to fix violence city by city? If he moved on Chicago, nut jobs like wordy would be claiming 1. federal intrusion into state police powers; and 2. favoritism and wasteful spending for his home town.

And probably a lot more--for instance, if he attempts to keep guns away from gangs, wordy will surely cry foul because of the 2nd amendment, and laws will only make sure law-abiding citizens don't have guns, etc.

Not to mention that some of the current proposals will have at least some impact on those crimes.

Chicago's failure to properly police themselves is not a failure on the part of the Obama administration.

The funny thing about an argument from which a person argues that there is nothing appropriate for a person like Obama to do is that it exposes the person with that argument as an ignorant obstructionist.

So how about it wordy, what would you suggest Chicago, or even Obama, do about Chicago's death rate?

Anonymous said...

Find it very interesting that our President failed to submit another budget on time AGAIN, which is illegal.

Read the Constitution, retard. All budget matters originate where? And who is in charge of that particular body?

Anonymous said...

I'm all for black on black violence in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

The idiot truthers of 9-11 have never shut up. Why would we want the Sandyhook truthers to be quiet?

The Devil said...

Ok, I will say it for those who do not understand the mechanics of a semi-auto weapon. If you reduce the magazine size to 10 or 7 it will not matter in a mass shooting situation. The shooter will simply carry more guns and clips. It takes a fraction of a second to pull a new weapon, or pop in a new clip and chamber a round. The folks who do this are meticulous planners, they are going after high body count and will find a way. The Sandy Hook shooter was extremely accurate, and the Virginia Tech shooter chained doors to trap his victims.

In the Sandy Hook tragedy, had these laws already been in place, the shooter would have still had access to the weapons, so they wouldn't have prevented him from having the weapons to carry out his crimes. Secondly, he would have still killed over 20 people, maybe even more than 26 if you take into account the additional guns or clips he may have carried.

The split second when he is reloading or fetching another gun does provide a brave soul the opportunity to take down the shooter, but then there is really no guarantee they will be successful . I guess you fetch a big chief tablet, say a few hail mary's and make your charge.

The intellectual high road tells us that the only true way to eliminate gun violence is to eliminate guns....if you do not have the political will to do so why would you enact laws that do nothing to prevent gun violence or protect children. A true leader would go to the source and find out what is causing people to do this.

Anonymous said...

RTG: Holy crap BG!! This looks like a "before" photo for a celulite clinic or something! Let's leave the fat cows to the feilds and keep them out of our waterways

Sean Elliott's Dirty Dead Kidney said...

BG, That Air Florida non-stop from Washington National to the Rochambeau Bridge happened thirty-one years ago this past weekend, unless Doc Brown modified the Family Gangsta mobile for time travel. Arlan D Williams Jr should be a household name right now but selfless behavior is a sell in Post-Modern America.

While we're on the subject of Modernism vs. Post-Modernism, I believe the location in your dream is a "cubicle."

Keep up the the good work with the blog. Don't mix ghost chiles and peyote before bedtime.

- DF Herman Miller

Anonymous said...

Sugar Baby Lifestyle List of Schools

Wait until Baylor lands on that list.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Howard Stern get fired from DC 101 for calling Air Florida and askinf for a ticket to the 14th st bridge?

Triple Fake... said...

I gotta agree with 10:11's comment. I have no idea what 8:48 is talking about.
You may not feel threatened by NY's laws, but what about an executive order that affects the entire country? Your plea for common sense - does it refer to following NY's lead or resisting it?
There is a possibility that several items in your arsenal would become illegal under NY's new gun control laws.
They propose to limit magazines to seven rounds. Most semi-auto pistol mags hold a minimum of eight rounds. But maybe they're referring to rifles only - I haven't seen the specifics.
I own an M-1 Garand, which is the classic definition of an assault rifle. You can get off eight shots really quick, but then you'd have to reload, unless somebody has made high capacity clips I don't know about. Where would this weapon fit into the new world order of safety?
Items and activity that are legal today will be outlawed, essentially making criminals of law-abiding citizens.
And what have the weapons manufacturers been forcing you to do? If I don't care for a certain product, or a company's political stance, I don't buy their product or service.

Anonymous said...

Shady Hook sounds like a retirement home for elderly pirates.

Anonymous said...

if you get rid of all the niggers, that would solve 90 percent of all our problems.

Anonymous said...

Obammy is now the number one gun salesman in the world. Just go to Cabelas or Cheaper than Dirt and try and buy a gun it will take all day just to get to the counter to talk to a sales person. I bought 2 at second Monday just to fill my gun safe up this last weekemd.

that guy said...

you must be taking credit for being the other 10% @ 12:30

Anonymous said...

We have a Winner!! 12:30 I swear you are the smartest Human I have ever met and I'm not joking. Thank You and show up at Dos Chilis Fri night at 7pm and walk to the tortilla machine turn around and smile then walk backand sit down and I will secretly pay for your meal.

The Devil said...

1:13...Watch out, we have a lot of libs on here that might just show up for the free meal!!!

wordkyle said...

1057 - My point is that Obama is not really concerned about gun violence, he cares more about advancing his freedom-restricting agenda. Here's the political math according to Obama:

26 murdered white folks > thousands of murdered black folks

Anonymous said...

Still no solution from wordy. Typipcal.

Anonymous said...


I agree. The original reports were that the shooter at Sandy Hook used pistols. The "assault" rifle and shotgun were left in the trunk of the car. Only later did I begin to hear that the shootings were with the "assault" rifle. Some one is lying somewhere. And which story better supports the President's agenda?

Anonymous said...

You forgot to check the sugar daddy box on your financial aid form indicating other income sources. And where is that W-2?

DF Texas State University Financial Aid Person

Anonymous said...

I had a sugar baby once. Thank god it was only for a 2 year degree.

Hank the Pit Bull said...

Them girls look like they're about to fight or somethin'