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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Al Roker finally talked about his unfortunate comment but managed to turn the conversation to his New York Times bestseller, "So I'm laughing all the way to the bank."
  • Mark Cuban said yesterday that the Mavericks will be active before the trade deadline because the "Bank of Cuban is open."
  • Sheesh. Bank humor.
  • Radio guy Mark Davis said that he went to the clinic yesterday to get some routine blood work done. There is no way I'm going near a clinic right now unless I'm sick.
  • Had a weird dream last night where someone else told me that they were haunted by "the voices in the cubicals."  I have no idea what this means. But I woke up thinking it had some profound meaning. 
  • "An increasing number of female students from University of Texas Austin, Texas State University, University of North Texas, and University of Texas Arlington are turning to the ‘Sugar Baby Lifestyle’ to fund their education." So they've got that going for them. 
  • Over the weekend, it was the 30 year anniversary of an Air Florida jet crashing into the freezing Potomac River in D.C.  If that were to occur today, Arland D. Williams, Jr. would be a household name. 
  • Man, if you are a Shady Hook "truther" (see below), I would keep that to myself. 
  • The book-in photo of the former TABC agent who allegedly secretly videod his stepdaughter is really odd. Has he had a stroke?
  • A guy was booked in this morning in Denton for "Improper Relationship Between Student and Teacher." I bet that will be on the news later. 
  • The President is supposed to announce his Executive Orders regarding gun control today. He could order the prohibition of having a nuclear bomb in your garage and people would skewer him for it. (But I saw where Shady Hook victims' families will be there.)
  • I made Mrs. LL watch a replay of the last five minutes of the Broncos/Ravens game because she actually likes stuff like that. I kept referring to the "team in the white jersey" for her until she shot back, "Hey. Stop it. It's the the Baltimore Raves!"
  • I noticed in the Update that someone named "Lisbeth Fischer" was in a wreck. I googled the name for the heck of it and learned that "Lisbeth Fischer" is also is "a punk grindcore band from the wasted earth." So now you know.