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That Dallas ISD Superintendent Thing

You may recall that when Dallas ISD chief Mike Miles was hired last year he brought in a "communications director" at a salary of $185,000.  That would be 31 year old Jennifer Sprague who was more than doubling her salary from Miles' old school system in Colorado.

Well, last week she abruptly announced her resignation. -- which might be good for Miles because he needs someone to direct his communications away from "snarky" and she wasn't doing that. At all. Still, you don't see many people walk away from a $185,000 a year job -- public or private.

Then I read today that she will receive a severance of $15,400.  I thought that was bad enough until I read this: "Sprague’s severance pales compared to deals received by others [who have left under Miles]. Former chief of staff Alan King received three months of pay, or about $56,000, when he left in October. Former assistant superintendent Shirley Ison-Newsome, who also resigned in October, will be paid through August, collecting about $145,000."

Mark it down: Miles is a short timer. But can you imagine what his severance package would be?