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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • If you aren't interested in this Manti Te'o story you should be. It may be the greatest "you've got to be kidding story" since O.J. Simpson.
    • I bet the story explodes today once the entire media starts digging.
    • My guess: Te'o is in on it. But I do believe you could fall in love over the Internet (See Kip Dynamite.)
    • He went to school in Indiana and lives in Hawaii. The girlfriend went to school at Stanford in San Francisco. How does he not stop there and see her on the way home? Heck, I bet most flights to Hawaii stop in San Francisco.
    • She had a car wreck and then diagnosed with leukemia and he never goes to see her? 
    • He's a college kid with a college girlfriend and he never goes to see her?
    • He said he would talk to her at night and fall asleep waking up eight hours later hearing her asleep and breathing on the other end. Produce some phone records. 
    • I bet Notre Dame doubts his story despite the fantastic news conference last night where the school supported him. Once Te'o gets busted, Notre Dame can say, "We were fooled just like everyone else -- we believed him."
    • I say all that, and yet there's a small part of me that thinks he's some naive kid who got duped. 
    • I made the Kids In The House watch the story last night to try and teach them about (1) never chatting with anyone online that you don't know, and (2) how lies can explode. I normally leave the lesson teaching to Mrs. LL, but to have the support of her nodding her head in agreement was a good feeling. 
    • Theater of the bizarre: The fake dead girlfriend tweeted last night that "myths" and "truths" would be revealed at noon today PST. This is crazy.
    • The fact that ESPN had to credit was delicious. That web site has been attacking ESPN for years and to have to site them as the source had to kill them. 
    • One thing is certain: The girlfriend doesn't exist. How in the world did not one single media outlet figure this out before Deadspin?
    • Lance Armstrong should right Te'o a check for taking him off the front page. And how angry is Oprah right now?
  • I mentioned the book-in photo of the "Improper Relationship" out of Denton County yesterday, and the story is in the Star-Telegram today. 
  • How much did Bud Light pay Stevie Wonder use that "Superstition" song in commercials?
  • Transmission in the Gangsta Mobile is getting rebuilt, and I think I'm getting screwed.
  • Mrs. LL was watching The Bachelor the other day. The women are getting crazier, but I wonder how much of it is set up. 
  • This hostage crisis in Algeria sure is slow to gain any traction. 
  • A photo of Lee Harvey Oswald's second grade class in Fort Worth. He's front and far left.
  • I saw where Richie Whitt of The Fan is doing the "Master Cleanse" along with his girlfriend. I did it once. I'll never do it again.