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Well, You Can Keep Your Guns

(Might want to tap the brakes on that threat.)

The fact sheet for the list of the President's Executive Orders is here. Nothing significant jumps out at me.

But he wants Congress to pass the following legislation:

Require criminal background checks for all gun sales. (a.k.a. closing the "gun show loophole.")
Reinstate and strengthen the assault weapons ban.
Restore the 10-round limit on ammunition magazines.
Protect police by finishing the job of getting rid of armor-piercing bullets.
Give law enforcement additional tools to prevent and prosecute gun crime.
End the freeze on gun violence research.
Make our schools safer with more school resource officers and school counselors, safer climates, and better emergency response plans.
Help ensure that young people get the mental health treatment they need.
Ensure health insurance plans cover mental health benefits.