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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm very disinterested in the Lance Armstrong confession, but he was incredibly candid in his admissions to Oprah. But I've always heard he was a Class A Jerk, so I really have no sympathy.
  • Sports Illustrated yesterday released the transcript of the interview with Manti Te'o upon which the magazine's September cover story was based. Read that and tell me that guy is not lying.
  • From today's Update:  "Another [parent at the Decatur School Board meeting] called for the resignation of a school board member for an apparent post on Facebook regarding [the CSCOPE curriculum]." Someone point that out to me. 
  • To the guy who always posts that I repeat "Gordo's Corner" every morning  (1) That segment on the Ticket is played after I publish "Random Thoughts", (2) How many news stories do you think there are to select from and comment on on a daily basis?, and (3) You try and do this every day without mentioning the top stories of the day and see how long you would stare at the screen. I feel better now. 
  • The gal who drowned in the Trinity River seemed to be having a hard life: She was a teenager, pregnant, on the way to a job interview, and had walked from University Drive towards downtown after getting off of a bus at the wrong stop. Why do I think some of you will have no sympathy?
  • The Dallas Boat Show has been cancelled due to a new boat show being held in the parking lot of the Rangers Ballpark. Outdoors. In February. Seems conducive to boat sales.
  • Worst lawyer in the world with an immoral, unethical, despicable yet brilliant bit
  • I didn't quite catch it all but I flipped over to WBAP this morning which was taking calls on the Lance Armstrong story. The first caller, if I heard it right, did a complete right turn by asking if Hal Jay was still going on a trip to Europe this summer when he had earlier been bemoaning the fact that a charity Hal was promoting was $1,200 short of its goal. Funny. Awkward.
  • Dallas police released a video yesterday of a convenience store robbery where the clerk was beaten with a hammer. Vicious. But the next time you hear people say, "Unemployment? There are all sorts of jobs listed in the paper", think about filling out an application for the position of clerk in that store. 
  • One thing I no longer care about: Predicted scores of NFL or college games. 
  • I heard on The Fan yesterday this argument: What would the reaction of the metroplex be if the Dallas Cowboys drafted an openly gay football player? Would more than 50% of Cowboys fans no longer support the team? I think so. 
  • Random arrest in Denton last night: A 53 year old man was picked up for "soliciting money without a permit."  More proof that the criminal justice system is out of control. 
  • Funny proposed response I read if an alien asked us about our most advanced technology: "In my pocket is a device that holds, at my fingertips, all the information in the history of Earth. I use it to look at pictures of kittens."