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I've Found My Sports Genius Rival


Anonymous said...

It's a best of 7 series... ties don't count as a win.

So it currently stands at:

Miami - 2 wins
Boston - 1 win

with 3 games left to play.....if Boston wins 2 more games and Miami wins 1 more, we could have a tie to the series

league rules state that the team with the best uniforms will go on to the finals.

Anonymous said...

".....what's that? producer is also telling me I suck"

Anonymous said...

3:44, The series is tied 2-2.

Anonymous said...

Who cares...Yawn

Anonymous said...

Love it!! "ended is a tie with 21 seconds left." Some news reporters just shouldn't be sports reporters.


Anonymous said...

4:15..... thats a wayhomer

you will get it on the way home

"oh.....I get it now"