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Kennedy In Dallas Photo

Where did this come from? I've never seen it before.

Found on Facebook and the nutcases are already coming out of the woodwork in the comments there.


Anonymous said...

Sources in Jack County confirm that long time County Attorney Mike Mask, running unopposed for re-election on the Democratic ticket, voted in the REPUBLICAN primary, May 29,2012. It appears that by doing so, Mr. Mask has forfeited his right to be on the November ballot.

Anonymous said...

Little did JFK know there was a Tea Party down the street.

Upstairs said...

The most fascinating part of this picture is the black child on the left side. Everyone else is waving and smiling and he is standing there with his hands in his pocket. It is 1963. How did he get there? Without parents? What is he thinking?

I was born Feb 1961. If you are three months older than me, you remember this. My age and younger, you don't. If you get a bunch of 51-53 year olds together, it is interesting to see who remembers, who doesn't, and who claims to remember based on the photos they have seen.

Anonymous said...


Every comment seemed to be about what a great photo it was, and reminiscing about their memories of that day. Maybe one or two said something about us still not knowing everything about that day ... but those are hardly "nutcase" comments.

Did you just see a bunch of comments and then make an assumption about them?

Anonymous said...

I am confused, had you assumed you had seen every photo of Kennedy in Dallas? You almost act as if you are pissed that this photo was withheld from you in some way.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that thinks this is a photo shop job? Not sure why, just something doesn't seem right.

Anonymous said...

Where is Zelig?

Anonymous said...

Hey Upstairs,
A lot of school children came to see him. I had always assumed it was class field trips. Since t kid is short he has gone to the front to see the President.
Besides that, back in 1961, it was not dangerous for kids to be alone. We lived in Dallas for a few years and I attended an elementary school that was .7 miles away. I walked to & from everyday without an escort & I was a girl! That was the 1960's.