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Friday Frivolousness

I hate getting sucked into covers, different versions, and lip dubs of this song but it happens every time.  As Bing Crosby said to David Bowie after that "Little Drummer Boy" mix, "Catchy little tune, isn't it?"


Anonymous said...

You're officially the biggest gay in the history of ever.

You like Justin Bieber too, don't you, Fancy Pants?

wordkyle said...

I disagree. I enjoy these crazy alternate versions of songs. (Brett Domino singing Lady Gaga and a capella groups singing hip hop are two of my weaknesses.) What I wonder about this one though is this: Are the Roots
a) So thoroughly cool that they can play kid's instruments on a little white girl's pop anthem and still stay cool? or
b) Doing what the boss said to do for fear of losing their cush gig?

Anonymous said...

If you didn't smile or enjoy that then you may have other issues.

If liking that is gay then look at me "I'm fabulous"!

Hey it's fun to be gay!

Triple fake rock hauler Guy

Hammer down!!!!!

HarveyLee said...

Waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Needs more cow bell.

Anonymous said...

More triangle please. And maybe cowbell.

And did you notice that the guy in the houndstooth pork-pie hat in the back appeared ready to bust a cap on someone at various points in the song? And then he instantly grooved. The power of music is a beautiful thing.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

She's a little old for my taste.


Triple Fake... said...

I couldn't have told you if this was a cover or a different version of a song. I doubt I've ever heard it before.
How can you get sucked into this (hating to or not)? It could very well be a "catchy little tune", but the audio was awful - the sound that was supposed to be in the background totally overpowered the singing. But when you record a song in a dressing room, you get saddled with the acoustic qualities of a dressing room

Anonymous said...

Bono's needs to book them!

Anonymous said...

Bonos is too busy pissing off their neighbors with loud music. They need to hire Motorhead instead of these country crap bands