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Is that some not-so-subtle message when the Penn State school newspaper refers to alleged victims with quotes around it? I mean, they are alleged victims so does the headline come across as sarcastic "air quotes"?


Anonymous said...

When will you finally understand? There's football, then there's everything else.

DF Nittany Pedo Bear

Anonymous said...

I'll agree with ALLEGED.

I'm leaning toward this whole debacle being a big bag of overreaction.

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No, just another liberal arts college grad who made a "C" in English 101. Prolly in law school now.

Anonymous said...

Without the quotes, would the headline suggest that Sandusky alleged something?

You're making me think too hard.

Anonymous said...

That's the defense strategy.

"I know he says he heard "a slapping sound" and then he "saw" Sandusky up against "the back" of a 10 year old "boy" and that they were both "naked," but what did he "really" see?"


Anonymous said...

Gonna believe me or your lyin' eyes?