Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Aggies have set a school record for season tickets sold for the upcoming season. I would predict big things for the Ags this year but I don't want to put a curse on them before the first game. 
  • The lady who was struck and killed by the train in Alvord over the weekend had the same name, was the same age, and lived in the same city as this lady. (Facebook link)
  • The entire Family Unit tends to sleep with various lights on but the Guest In The House, like a normal person, likes total darkness. The house has been unusually dark when I've awakened the last two mornings. I think she gets up in the middle of the night and walks around turning off lights.
  • A coach for Prestonwood Christian Academy in Dallas (the private school associated with Prestonwood Baptist) collapsed and died on the field yesterday.  I heard on the radio that one of his sons was a player who was on the field at the time. 
  • Even if you're the toughest Old School kind of coach, aren't you scared to death for your players in this heat?
  • Got a report last night about a DWI, a golf cart, Runaway Bay, and Highway 380. Haven't confirmed anything yet. (No names in the comments please.)
  • I went through the horrible where-are-my-car-keys experience this morning. Twenty minutes of searching later, I found them behind my alarm clock. That's a location for them that I never use.
  • It's kind of crazy that I mentioned Gabby Giffords yesterday not being on the House floor for the Debt Ceiling Vote only for to her to be there for the first time since her shooting. And I hate to be a killjoy, but is anyone else skeptical about her showing up for a Feel Good Moment when the public's disdain for Congress was at the boiling point?
  • And Ann Compton was back on WBAP this morning and Hal Jay triumphantly pointed out that three Democrats weren't present to vote yesterday. (Obviously stinging from yesterday's slap down.) Why is he obsessed with that? 
  • Out Guest In The House, who I think is 12 or 13, announced last night that she thinks there should be a Flat Tax. I asked her if her dad watches a lot of Fox News. "Yeah," she said. "He hogs the TV a lot." Thought so.
  • When I went to bed last night, Mrs. LL was belting out "Tell me what you want, what you really really want!"  on Guitar Hero in the game room.
  • Never thought I'd be interested in Rihanna being in Barbados for Kadooment Day. But I am.
  • Lower lake levels lead to the discovery of (probably) a piece of the Space Shuttle that disintegrated over Texas in 2003. 
  • Lake Bridgeport is closing in on 10 feet low and dropping. If the lake went completely dry, I wonder what would be found?
  • Alert: I went to Hurricane Harbor. A Pulitzer Prize potential blog post is forthcoming. 
  • I intend to steal a lot from it, but someone has started a "Remember In Decatur When . . . " Facebook group which seems really active.