Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Fox News just had to tear up every script they had prepared for today: Unemployment numbers just released show that the rate has fallen to 9.1% and the stock market opened up 135.
  • Edit: Me spoke too soon. (Graph at the bottom since I couldn't figure out how to stick it in here.)
  • WBAP has been reporting "parking lot temperatures" for the last couple of days. Idiocracy.
  • Asked the Third Grader In The House how her day was as she began, "Well, first I woke up. Then I came down and ate breakfast. Then I ....."  I'm pretty much stuck at that point, right? 
  • The Aggies begin at #9 in the preseason USA Today/Coaches poll. I've always said life is better when the Ags are good.
  • "Outrage over 10 year old model on cover of Vogue."
  • Dallas had another wrong way driver last night that resulted in a head on collision. It had been a while.
  • Over the last decade, Gov. Perry has an average tithe of 1/2 of 1% according to his income tax returns. Maybe he thinks he is "rendering unto" himself so it doesn't matter.
  • Mrs. LL was getting sick. Edit: Sick as in she's sick. Not sick because of a "condition."
  • I've said it a million times: For those who think that the sub-prime mortgage crisis was caused by the government forcing banks to loan to the poor, you are smoking crack. Just once, please, listen to This American Life's "A Giant Pool of Money." 
  • I think I would have called any child I had "Skyler."  That would have worked for either a boy or a girl. And he/she would have the cool nickname of "Sky."  (But "Skyler Green" is also the name of a failed Cowboy draft pick.)
  • Why do I also think I could never talk the momma into believing Skyler is a good name?
  • Funny comment yesterday was made about the guy who claimed to have witnessed the Lincoln Assassination. Paraphrased, it said, "He just lived longer than anyone who could call him on it." 
  • ESPN had an hour long special on Deion Sanders that I tried to watch this week. Can we please just see some old football footage of him catching a punt and running it all the way back to the end zone? Instead, we have to be bombarded with montage after montage of three second clips. It's ESPN, not an MTV Video.
  • I had a water hose explode yesterday. That was pretty cool. 
  • Funny line yesterday regarding the heat: Is there any chance the Rapture happened and we missed it?
  • Polygamist Warren Jeffs was convicted of sexual assault of a minor yesterday despite firing his lawyers and giving a closing statement that included 30 minutes of silence followed by,  "I am at peace." At least it sounded like a good plan to him. 
  • Normally, when cops bust up a prostitution ring we get to see a bunch of gals that wouldn't exactly get the starring role in Pretty Woman. But this group? Not too bad. Relatively speaking, of course.


Double edit (it's a rollercoaster):