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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • A Keller teenager allegedly shoots and kills another teenager over a bad marijuana deal on Friday. I'll bet there's more to the story than that. Edit: Everyone know my reference of "shoots and kills" is code for "stabbed".
  • But don't worry: The Feds confiscated 16 tons of marijuana in three separate incidents near the border last week. Problem solved. (And to say there's a "ton of marijuana" smuggled into this country is a massive understatement, isn't it?)
  • Holy cow breaking news: Five U.S. marines killed this morning in Iraq. (And that comes on the heels of 21 people dying because of bombs on Friday.)
  • Had a bullet point on the new Texas "Romeo and Juliet" law but I'm going to save it for its own post. Talk about confusing. I started looking into it when I  heard the wheels off discussion about the law on WBAP this morning. (Hal Jay was throwing out opinions on teenage girls that had everyone distancing from him.)
  • Yeah, I didn't miss Sarah Palin saying that Paul Revere "warned the British that they weren't going to be taking our arms."  She would come back later and say it was a "gotcha" question.
  • I finally decided that it can be too hot to go to the pool.
  • After years of using a weedeater without wearing protective glasses, I can't think of doing it these days without them. 
  • Plopped down on Saturday to watch the DVR'd showing of the HBO documentary "Too Big To Fail" only to realize I had recorded a thirty minutes special of "The Making Of Too Big To Fail". (But it's not like they won't show it a million times in the future.)
  • TCU baseball, which started the season ranked first in the nation, did not receive any Christian love this weekend getting booted in the first round after loses to Dallas Baptist and Oral Roberts.
  • Think it's a bad sign that twice in the last month Mrs. LL has lost her breath after hearing something hit the floor because she thought I had collapsed?
  • Stay with me here: The Baylor softball team won an extra inning game on Saturday night where the opposing pitcher threw 191 pitches. Get this: That was the second game she had pitched that day.
  •  Personal note: Sad to see the passing of Decatur's Jimmy Armes.