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Random Front Page Observations

I'm a big fan of which allows you to see the front page of today's newspapers from America and around the world.  This cover was from yesterday which immediately got my attention because it dealt with the courts, the War of Drugs, and some hot girl. Turns out, she's the former court administrator (a court dedicate to drug cases) who is alleged to have stolen funds.

I love the photo. The fact that she is smiling while leaving court absolutely sells it due to the irony. It wouldn't surprise me that what actually happened was that she knew the local photographer who asked her for a picture as she was leaving but she  laughed him off. It may have been the only time she smiled all day, but the moment in time captured in a photo can tell a completely different story.

The other great thing about the photo is the completely unrelated lady who was captured and not cropped out. Some would call it distracting but to me it gives a sense of realism to the moment. It convinces you that it's a real courthouse hallway.

(Sorry to go all Joe Duty on you.)