Guy Interrupts Fox 4's Girl On The Street This Morning

Since I'm a professional TV critic, let me focus on in-studio anchor Lauren Przybyl. Girl, what we have here is video gold going on with the nutty legal research guy.  Trust me, all across DFW there were people getting dressed and staggering around their homes, and they all stopped down once that on-the-street awkwardness popped up on their screens.  We'd much rather see that than what was originally scripted! So when they throw it back to the studio we want you to confirm that you, too, thought that was a funny wheels off moment.   Tim was dying to jump in there -- you can see it in his eyes. That man has regurgitated the same 30 minute newscast since 4:30 a.m.!! It's time to roll with this!

But instead Lauren says, "I want to tell ya, I'm not a yeller when it comes to watching the game"  -- a reference to the pre-packaged video of Mavs' fan yelling as they left the AAC last night.  It was like Legal Research Man didn't even exist.

You could see the life force drain out of Tim. At least someone in the control room wisely had them revisit the incident after the break, but the moment was gone.