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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • For Rep. Weiner to come out yesterday and fall on the sword can only mean there is about to be a ton of shocking revelations about to hit the media. (Edit: It begins.) But, you know, he's so confident that he might survive this.
  • But why in the world would you go on ABC News (and soon to be everywhere) if you're the 26 year old Texas girl who was one of the objects of his attention?  Edit: Impress your friends -- her brother played 25 games with the Texas Rangers in 2008.
  • I learned yesterday that the Wise County Sheriff's Office recently used cell phone records to track the location of someone suspected in a theft. It seems like that would be commonplace, but that's the first I've heard of it around here. (I bet 90% of crime does not involve a "whodunit".)
  • I got home yesterday to find that it had turned into a locked down prison with three girls (one who is a week long guest) banished to their rooms because of an incident involving yelling, throwing a jump rope, slight injury, and tattling. (At least that's what I learned from the Warden.) The place was so quiet I almost wanted to encourage late afternoon bad behavior. 
  • The official University of North Texas sports web site is counting down the 100 greatest moments in football history. They might have considered making the list shorter: Number 97 is a win over Decatur Baptist in 1929.
  • The Random Thought girl does some part time work for The Fan radio station. 
  • I'm extremely late on this one: former Tarrant County judge John Street died a couple of weeks ago. Despite the accolades, I never remember anyone having a more pro-Plaintiffs slant than him. He once stopped a compelling defense attorney's closing argument right in the middle of it and decided the jury needed a break. (He couldn't get elected after 1984.)
  • And another (Austin teacher with the incident in Fort Worth.)
  • And another (Georgia teacher who will certainly win the Crossed The Line award.)
  • The blood cleanup in the house yesterday was prompted by a guy picking up and carting off my treadmill that had given up the ghost. He somehow cut himself and dripped blood out the house and onto the driveway. But it was a bit jarring to see my open laptop showing a "How to clean blood up from concrete" web site when I got home. 
  • Yeah, the liability issue crossed my mind. 
  • Folks who have traveled out to West Texas recently tell me that the drought conditions are shocking. And this drought map backs them up. 
  • Today's Update says that the LBJ Grassland Fires earlier this year was caused by burning poop. Nothing is ever normal around here. 
  • You guys can parse Sarah Palin's Paul Revere story all you want in order to try to make it "technically true", but you can't go back and read her answer without admitting it was like a junior high student trying to bluff her way through a history test.
  • Saw the Wise County Murder For Hire lady in court yesterday. She still hasn't be able to post bond. 
  • Jon Stewart remarked about how fit Rep. Weiner looked in the photo released yesterday. "I can't believe we're the same age! What kind of Congressional health plan do they have!?"