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Homer Call Is Pretty Funny

Not over the top funny but worth a grin.  On Monday night, Baylor played Cal for a chance to move onto the next round on the baseball playoffs. It wasn't on TV so I checked in on the web and found the box score with automatic updates. Not the most exciting way to watch a game, by the way. Right before bed, I checked back in and saw it was the 7th inning with  Baylor up 7-3.   Nothing to worry about. Sweet dreams.

The next morning I'm greeted with the box score.

The video is the bottom of the ninth. Two outs. Two strikes. Bases loaded. The student announcer was pretty excited.


Anonymous said...

I would like to one times be able to watch a video without losing the feed, dang Century Link!
I was kinda funny.

Anonymous said...


If you think you were kinda funny, you should have seen the video. It was even funnier than you

Anonymous said...

Boom goes the announcers man sack.

Anonymous said...

I'm still not that into african handball.

Anonymous said...

4:39, you're hilarious!