Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Edit: First photo is a repeat? Sheesh. I posted the second one which is actually from a Dallas club. 
  • Some lady tried to walk across highway 183 this morning at the 114 split (just east of old Texas Stadium). She's dead and westbound 183 is shut down. 
  • There was an young African-American albino who [was] up at the courthouse yesterday on the misdemeanor docket. Growing up is hard enough, and I can't imagine what he's been through.  [Edit: Man, that was a hard first sentence to write and it still sounds goofy.]
  • President Obama chest bumped former Baylor player and current Auburn coach Trooper Taylor at the White House. "Represent!"
  • I saw a preview of the new government run Wise County judicial/criminal web site that is coming. That's a lot of public information which will suddenly become very public.
  • Fox 4 had a segment of a lot of folks inter-tubing on the Trinity River in Fort Worth and listening to live music. One word: Nasty.
  • Newt Gingrich's campaign imploded yesterday as all of his top campaign staff resigned. And if this guy knows what he's talking about, the top two are headed to Texas to join Rick Perry. (That would be a bombshell.)
  • Doesn't mean much to me, but there was a fishing tournament at Lake Bridgeport last weekend (link includes pictures.)
  • Noticed that there's an "And Another" and possible  "Hey Now" on the Jack County felony court docket for this allegation last year.  Edit: Wow. She agreed to a plea bargain of eight years in prison last week (although, oddly, "sentencing" is not until July 1st.)
  • Ann Coulter is pimping another one of her silly books. Does her publishing company pay to have her promote it on Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. or do they just have her on for free?
  • Fox and Friends plays to its demographics: They have Loverboy performing this morning.
  • Lots of Mav fans were upset with this CBS 11 video of James and Wade mocking dirk for being sick. I'm not so sure what the big deal is.
  • I may be the only guy around here that noticed, but Andrew Gold, who had the hit "Lonely Boy", died this week. That song takes me back to high school like no other. (Although it did get a little tricked up for me when it became the background song for a crazy pool scene in Boogie Nights.)
  • The Update leads with Rhome purchasing signs to announce its "Zero Tolerance" policy.  Now "anyone caught violating drug laws in city limits can be charged with the maximum penalty available."  I think that means a person may receive the maximum penalty which is exactly the same law of every town and city in the nation. On the other hand, if the city means that they are directing the city judge to always assess the maximum penalty for anyone who pleads guilty, they are going to need those extra fines because they are about to have a big problem.