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One Final Rep. Weiner Reference

How About That of the Day: Gennette Cordova, the 21-year-old journalism student from Seattle who received the tweet that launched Weinergate, was apparently something of a scandal-rod during her days at Shorecrest High School — at least enough to be dubbed “Most Likely to be Involved in a Tabloid Scandal” in a 2007 issue of her school’s newspaper.



Anonymous said...

That's fantastic!

Anonymous said...

So you blame a promiscuous woman when she gets raped, too?

I just don't understand liberalism.

Anonymous said...

You should post the HS pic of Weiner. He looked like Horshack from Welcome Back Carter.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Kotter.

Anonymous said...

Man, now that is an intergalactic intersect.

My Other Brother Darryl

Tater Salad said...

"Have you seen my weinah"

Double Fake Retarded kid (from There's Something About Mary)