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Wednesday Morning Random Thoughts

- Just saw a funny CarMax commercial. A guy is strapping a child seat to the top of a new Porsche with duct tape. He complains that "he doesn't have enough room for his dang baby" despite the fact "he's no bigger than a canned ham."
- Channel 5 traffic news where they tell you how long it will take you between destinations "21 minutes between 350 and I-35E" is silly.
- On whether or not Tarrant County needs a "crime integrity unit" to check for false convictions, here's what long-time DA Tim Curry said: "God forbid that we'd be like the Dallas County of the past with its Henry Wade syndrome of conviction at all costs." Wow.
- On Friday, Mav's player Josh Howard admitted on local radio that he used pot in the off-season. ESPN got so excited that it led with the story on it's evening sportscast. Fallout: No one cared.
- So confusing.
- Just saw a clip of Paula Abdul from last night's Idol. Does she stay high?
- Matt Lauer is in Laos this morning.
- A trooper was shot and killed last night in far East Texas.
- Take a look around. It's a green and as lush as you'll see for months.
- Saw a dead dog on College Street this morning. Big. Black. Green collar. Nice coat. Some owner is going to be very sad.