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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

- Watched a little bit of the Mavs last night. Didn't realize the Mav's Dancers do an uncomfortable routine in school girl outfits. But the camera spent about a minute on them. But I was more entertained by the 60 year old guy who had expensive court side seats getting kicked out with four minutes left for saying something that the ref overheard. Odd.
- Speaking of school girls, it didn't take long for Hannah Montana to start getting, uh, well . . . take a look at her in the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair. And controversy will surely ensue. (But if she wan't a Marketing Machine before, she is now.) Edit: WBAP's Hal Jay said she "looked like a 25 year old floozy." Hal. Hal. Hal.
- Anybody seen a fake monkey at (the oddly named) Possum Kingdom Lake?
- I'm always looking for new and offbeat types of salsa at the store. If I see a label that looks close to being independent and/or pseudo home-made, I'll buy it. 99% of the time I'm disappointed.
- Somebody with half a brain has infilitrated the Rhome City Council and put the ka-bosh on the expected WWE like show on Saturday. That's not fair.
- After giving up on it, I finally relented and finished "Once." Verdict: It's a poor man's "Lost In Translation." The director/writer said the plot could be written on the back of a postage stamp. True that.
- Today starts "Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?" on The Today Show. I'd love to be Matt on weeks like this. Today he is in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- Obama's pastor is not Obama.
- And 1 our of 8 American's still think Obama is a Muslim. Sheesh.
- There was a fishing tournament yesterday at Lake Bridgeport. Cold + Windy + White Caps = Beating.
- It was also $1 ice cream day at the Ballpark in Arlington.
- A criminal defense blog that I can't help but read is this guy. I don't know him, don't think I'd like him, is full of himself, but is a fairly entertaining writer.
- If you want to get burglarized, move to the metroplex, open up a convenience store, do not stay open for 24 hours, and have an ATM near a window.
- Back in the 1970s ,when he had our first gas price crisis, economy cars became all the rage. I think the public is too vain to do that now.
- Looking from Rhome this morning, it looked like Eagle Moutain Lake was on fire due to all of the smoke. Smoke that then drifted northwest towards Boyd. Very cool.
- Edit: Dale Hansen on Pacman (funny line about Bin Laden. Yep, Bin Laden.
- Edit: Umpire goes down this weekend.