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"Let's Hug It Out"

That agent-guy from Entourage has a hot girlfriend.


butters said...

Geremy Pivens...Girlfriend - wish I knew her name, much less her!

Anonymous said...

What is the tat on her belly, a bar code

Anonymous said...

See there Barry, there is hope afterall isn't there?
If that nerd can get a hot girlfriend then maybe you can too. I'm sorry, I mean, in your case, a hot boyfriend!

Jarhead said...

What does that tat on her F.U.P.A. say?

"Woe to you who venture south of this equator?"

"Here be creepy crawlies?"

"How about some Jiffy Pop?"

"No banjo playing allowed?"

"Mind the gap?"

"The point of no return?"

"I dare ya to cross this line?"

"Men working?"

"Tunnel ahead?"

"No feeding the fish?"

"Loading zone?"

"Slippery when wet?"

"Brandon Davis can handle it from here because he's a soldier?"

Anonymous said...

I thought Piven was gayyyyyy

zooboomafoo said...

anonymous 2:59 is rude.

Anonymous said...

Entourage is the SHIT!!

Anonymous said...

Jarhead you forgot one

This site visited by #........

wordkyle said...

"You must be THIS tall to ride this ride"

Anonymous said...

5:49(zooboomafoo) is Barry's gay lover!
I think that was a b$!^$ slap!


Bulldog said...