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As my office computer got some virus again. Ugh. But . . . I got a call from Fox 4's Phil Alvarado (sp) who is in town doing a story on high diesel prices and some of the old pumps can handle the pricing. And . . . An emailer just told me that Avery Johnson has been booted as the Mav's coach. While . . . The Cotton Bowl will be played on January 2, 2008. (Edit: Uh, did I get that year wrong?) But I haven't gotten around to looking to see what day of the week that is. Good-bye 10:00 a.m. kickoff. Moreover . . . can anyone cash a check for $380,000,000,000 (And as they said on Channel 5 this morning "and zero zero slash one hundred.")


Anonymous said...


January the 2nd is a Friday.

It must stink to be named coach of the year one year and be booted the next.

your virus probally came from some porn site you were useing to reserch and story about Frillys

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry:
I kept getting viruses on my computer at work. This seems to be the top rated software at a lot of websites.

Plus it is free. It took about an hour to scan and get rid of the viruses but I haven't had any trouble since then. (knock on wood).
Hope it works for you

Anonymous said...

January 2, 2008 was a little over fours months ago on a Wednesday. However, just in case you were doing this driving down the road, January 2009 is on a Friday. Did you tell Phil the truckers here in Deeecatur sure is pissed off cus them there pumps is holdn up theyr rock haulin? Hell, if I ain't on the road driving like a bat outta hell up the 3-8-0 i ain't makin no money to feed Mama and the babies?

Anonymous said...

What an idiot to try cashing a check with an amount that large!! (By the way, get an Apple and quit worrying about viruses.)

Anonymous said...

So Avery Johnson is coach of the year just 2 years ago and now he's out. There's also a book about how Avery got the Mavericks to the finals in 2006 and several luminaries extolled his brilliance. But now he's gotten dumber and so he's fired. Always the coach's fault 'cause you can't fire the players.

zooboomafoo said...

seeeee yaaaa avery. peace out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Phil Alvarado? Make that Fil Alvarado you rascist cracker.

Anonymous said...

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