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That Was Quick

I was offered free tickets to today's Ranger game, but I passed. (My baseball apathy has already kicked in.) Anyway, I checked in on it a second ago and was surprised to see it was already over. According to the box score, it took 2 hours and 10 minutes to play.


Anonymous said...

How about those Rangers !

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the Ranger game is over for today - I'll get a respite from having to watch it on the TV tonight. My husband insists on watching every freaking one of them, and if he's helping me in the yard (uh, drinking beer and wandering around, stepping in my flower beds), he listens to it on the radio. Also, I'm glad the Mavs are done this year. I HATE when there is a local pro-sports trifecta in play, you know, baseball, basketball and hockey (GO STARS)!

Anonymous said...

Tell your hubby to get a life, lady.

And you put up with that crap? Grow a pair and whip that fool into shape!

There's nothing worse than a fat slob husband who sits around watching the sports he was never good at in high school.

sports obsession = zero life.

Anonymous said...

Great day for a ballgame. Great pitching and some nice plays in the field.