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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

- It looks like an alleged drunk driver smashed into a trailer carrying a huge replica of the Ten Commandments overnight. Fortunately for him, alcohol is not mentioned among them.
- If North Carolina and UCLA win next weekend and then UCLA wins it all, I've won a $200 gift certificate in this pool. (Sidenote: Hypnotic tourney pic here. Edit: Great companion pic.)
- The great Christopher Walken (65) and Al Gore (60) have birthdays today.
- "HOUSTON -- Rusty Yates - the father of five slain children - has a son with his new wife."
- It's the first day of Ranger baseball. It's the last day of hope for Ranger baseball.
- I've worn a tie to work for 22 years.
- I don't have a pic of it, but Channel 8 has the goofiest graphics for its traffic reports. Cars, if to scale, would be 50 feet long.
- I've been watching The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. The movie is almost as long as its title.


Anonymous said...

"It was the dirty little coward who shot Mr. Howard and laid poor Jesse in his grave." (Chorus from THE BALLAD OF JESSE JAMES)

Anonymous said...

I've seen the Liberty Bell/Ten Commandments-mobile in Waco of all places. The is the gaudiest thing ever made. It is proof that we deserve all of our hegemonies to fade away and live as a third-world country.

Anonymous said...

I wish you were right, but nobody will stop UNC.

Anonymous said...

Ok I admit it I just had to find out more about this liberty bell/10 commandments thing.

Here's the link to their site:

Apparently, they haul it all over Texas for soldier funerals as well as for fallen police and fire fighters.

Jarhead said...

The chick in the blue shorts has a turkey neck. **gobblegobble**

Anonymous said...

Randy Yates should have gone to prison. Wonder if he will drive this wife crazy too.