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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

- Wise County tells Mena Suvari (pictured above from last weekend - uh, on the right) to "put on some britches."
- The Rangers won last night bringing them to .500. The last time they were at .500 was on April 13, 2007 (5-5),
- My review of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward of Robert Ford: Over 2 1/2 hours of Ford and James sitting around looking at each other, followed by the killing, followed by 15 minutes at warp speed of the very interesting post-assassination life of Ford.
- Robert Ford settled in Creede, CO after the assassination. Take a look at this incredible picture of the town in its current state.
- Query: I wonder if those that spew the incredible venom in the comments of the "gay Teen Court guy" below are also racists?
- Odd moment on Fox 4 a second ago from traffic guy Chip as he was reporting about an accident in Grapevine: "And the reports are that the driver has died. You're watching Good Day."
- I'm off to Jacksboro this morning. Listening to Steve Martin's new book, Born Standing Up.
- The Messenger has a story today about a gun incident on the Weatherford College campus in Weatherford (not the Decatur branch). I don't think it had anything in the world to do with Wise County. It even had the sub-headline of "Weatherford" above it. Just odd.