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Learned that on April 1, 1934, Bonnie and Clyde (or part of their gang) killed two troopers at 114 and Dove Road in what is now Southlake. I'm not sure I knew that.


Anonymous said...

They used to have a memorial for the officers at 114 & Dove until they built the over pass & widened Dove. I'm not sure what happened to it.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Grapevine in the late 70's my boss told me that his Dad dated Bonnie. His Dad lived in Southlake, he told us stories about the two of them we didn't believe him until day he took us to his Dad's house we meet him he told us the same stories we didn't believe him until he brought out pictures of him and Bonnie.

There she was, She was ugly! He said they were doing fine until one day Clyde drove up in a brand new Ford and took her away from him, he said he never seen her again.

Anonymous said...

One of the officer's widows was alive years ago (I don't know if she is nowadays), but I heard then that it was a real sore spot for her when the movie came out and glamorized the pair. The Rotary Club was going to do a "Bonnie & Clyde" theme for a parade float (I think it was for the Courthouse's 100th Birthday years ago), but when this was discussed--the fact that there are surviving family members of these slain officers in the immediate area--we agreed that it was a good idea to come up with another theme. Not trying to be overly "PC", but something to think about when you want to innocently dress up like Bonnie & Clyde!

Anonymous said...

Too bad they didn't take the rest of Southlake down, too. Now the joke is on us.

Anonymous said...


Back around 1971 we had some very close friends who lived in the country in Bedford near D/FW Airport.

One morning the husband went out to his barn and a man wearing a business suit came out pointing a shotgun at him telling him to walk back up to the house.

They went inside the house and the crook told the homeowner to call everyone in the house to the kitchen.

The oldest Daughter heard what was going on and was able to call police. The Police arrived and the man forced them all into the family car and he sat in the back telling him just to drive anywhere.

With the Police following the crook kept telling them to go down this raod andd that road where they finally wound up on Dove road just off Hwy 114 where the Police force them off the road.

There was a standoff for a while but the crook was killed by a sharpshooter as they all sat in the car.

The crook was later identified as an old time gangster who ran with Bonnie and Clyde and Dillinger and I seem to remember his last name being Walters.

Anonymous said...

12:58PM, I once woke up in a bathtub full of ice, too.

Anonymous said...

1:29 I think you were dreaming you were a wall paper hanger and woke up with a hand full of glue.

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