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Two things:

(1) I've switched over to Gmail and love it. The "labeling" as opposed to "folders" takes a moment to get used to, but it's tremendous. (Its custom filtering is also great.)

(2) And as far as spam is concerned, it has a tremendous spam blocker: The best I've seen (puts Yahoo Mail to shame.) I also believe that I get more spam than anyone. I just cleared out my Junk Mail - which had over 5,000 in it - and there's the fresh and clean screenshot above. I'll post another at the end of the day and week to let you know how much it catches. (I just looked and it has already captured 3 in the last couple of minutes.)


Anonymous said...

been using Gmail for a long time and I love it. I never get junk that I didnt sign up for and you never have to get rid of anything!

Raymond said...

Have you added your feed to your igoogle homepage?

Anonymous said...

Gmail + IMAP + iPhone > *