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Wise Demo (oxy) Caucus

A faithful reader sends along this email

Have you heard how the Democrat Party convention went in Wise Co.? I attended the disorganized, painfully slow and boring event.

When voting was finally conducted, the various precincts were grouped by their vote in the past governor's election. These groups then by majority vote selected 1 or 2 delegates to the Austin convention. Because Clinton won precincts across the county by about 2 to 1 margin, this pattern was reflected in the precinct votes resulting in Clinton winning ALL the delegates from Wise Co. So even tho Obama won about 35% of the vote, he received about 0% of the delegates.

Where this format was very unfair to Obama here, he had the same advantage in the really big precincts statewide. My summary is that it was a real mess; Wise Co Democrats are a weird looking, very old agglomeration of folks with nothing better to do on a Saturday morning and afternoon. Will Rogers would recognize this as not an organized party, it was a Democrat party.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was terribly disorganized. No one seems to have a keen grasp of the rules or procedure for a county convention.

The party leaders need to go to some thorough training sessions.

Atticus said...

I was not at the convention, but I have seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail and this may explain what happened:

ARTHUR: Then who is your lord?
WOMAN: We don't have a lord.
DENNIS: I told you. We're an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We
take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the
DENNIS: But all the decision of that officer have to be ratified
at a special biweekly meeting.
ARTHUR: Yes, I see.
DENNIS: By a simple majority in the case of purely internal
ARTHUR: Be quiet!
DENNIS: --but by a two-thirds majority in the case of more--
ARTHUR: Be quiet! I order you to be quiet!
WOMAN: Order, eh -- who does he think he is?
ARTHUR: I am your king!
WOMAN: Well, I didn't vote for you.
ARTHUR: You don't vote for kings.
WOMAN: Well, 'ow did you become king then?
ARTHUR: The Lady of the Lake, [angels sing] her arm clad in the
purest shimmering samite, held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of
the water signifying by Divine Providence that I, Arthur, was to
carry Excalibur. [singing stops] That is why I am your king!

I hope this helps explain it!

Jarhead said...

I'm shocked.

Anonymous said...

hey is the guy in the pic a legal or illegal alien

Anonymous said...

This is the reason a lot of faithful Democrats just don't go to these events. For years, they have been disorganized and mainly cheerleading events to bash the Republicans. Childish.

It's never been the same since Ed Forbis was the county leader. During those days, there was a lot of respectability in the party.

Yes, 11:36 some serious training in leadership is needed and now.

Anonymous said...

The person in the picture could not have been in Decatur. There were no signs and this guy/gal/both/neither is far better looking than most delegates of Wise Co.

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter how the
Democrats got together nor who they voted for at the "Convention". Bills going to make sure Hillary gets enough Super Delegates by paying them off from the millions he has made. She'll get the nod and Bill can sit on his butt, suck off the Government "teet" for four more years, tell lies and play "Hide -the - Cigar with interns for another four years. Then Hillary will retire and then they can both live off the Government "teet" until they croak. Look folks, it's all a bunch of rotten crap anyway. It will all work out the way the "Powers to Be" want it too. Have a nice day and don't forget to vote!!

Anonymous said...

News flash: Most people that vote are old. When I went to vote a year ago (I'm 35) I was asked by the dinosaur at the registration table if I was old enough to vote.

I then asked her if she was still young enough to breathe.

Anonymous said...

Operation Chaos is in full swing and very effective. They can't even unite their own party, how do we expect these idiots to unite the country? This is better than Saturday morning cartoons.

wordkyle said...

A friend of mine who was elected as a delegate to the local Democrat county convention (undercover; he's an agent for Operation Chaos) said that the Clinton and Obama folks were at each other's throats and that they had no grasp of math. He said they were so loud in their arguing that he couldn't even read the novel he brought.


Anonymous said...

Barry your faithful reader sounds like a Republican. And I would encourage those who have a complaint please get involved and help make the change. We really do need more young folks involed.

The convention was confusing and boring at times. But it was great to see all the local Democrats together to pick our NEXT President.

And Wordpile don't you wish that the Republican Party had to have caucus to choose the next President? No you dumb asses offer up McCain.
What a JOKE !!!

Anonymous said...

I attended as an alternate delegate at our meeting in Gawd's Country's Courthouse Saturday morning, and all went well. Our Chairman had many years experience in the Democratic Party, and conducted the meeting professionally and concisely. We were in and out in less than an hour and a half........

Some of these comments just remind me of the fact that Wise County really is the hairy, smelly armpit of North Central Texas, and is a county full of idiots, red and blue, who, if required, could not pass a competency test if it were a requirement to vote.

Oh, Wordbile, I'm glad you are finished with your book. I hope whomever you mailed your manuscript to doesn't just toss it in the trash at first glance. I know you have worked on it for so long. Let us know when it's for sale on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

2:36 - I did get involved. I went to the "convention" to observe. So many of the elected delegates and alternates didn't show up that they recruited anyone in the audience (some may not have even voted in the election and some may have been Republicans for all I know). Unlike wordkyle's description, there was no loud arguing between supporters of either candidate. There was mostly confusion over the "rules." It was remarkably civil. We also met Phil King’s opponent. Unfortunately, Phil has no threat here.

As earlier stated, the officers need much more training, better communication and better organization. Shoot - then they would look like Republicans and that wouldn't be any fun at all!

Anonymous said...

2:36, And the liberal weenies offer up two socialist liars who hate America. I bet you are so proud.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone direct me to a music store in Alvoid that sells Banjo's?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Is your "faithful reader" a Democrat? If so they should have stepped up and helped out it may not have been so "disorganized, painfully slow and boring event." Anyway it is still far better than being a Republican!

Anonymous said...

As usual, TordPyle spouts off "lack of truths" as he has been taught in the Hannity School of Bullshitting your Opposition. I was there, and this did not happen. Chaos is a strong word for disorganization, which was prevalent, but at least the people were trying. This much interest is a different deal. Wait, does this mean, Tord was, Lying? Or maybe his "informant" embellished a little, and to a Republican, anything said by anybody is the doggone truth, that is, if it supports their cause. Parrot!!! Squawk Squawk! Wordie want a seanfecal patty? Goooooood!

Anonymous said...

Do you faithful democrats honestly believe Senator Obama is the answer? Watch the following before you post a comment:
I am genuinely interested in hearing what democrats have to say about this. If his pastor hasn't already derailed his campaign, this should.

wordkyle said...

What a great crowd.

236- You're right. McCain was not the best candidate we had. But it's hard to fight the media (plus the crossover votes in New Hampshire.) Caucuses don't seem to be helping the Dems, though.

316 - Thanks for the interest in my book. However, the one I finished and submitted was written in about six weeks, writing nights and weekends. And it was accepted; I got the call this afternoon. Thanks again.

329 & 345 - Think about which county convention you attended. Think about which county convention someone I know might have attended. Think about if you're talking about what I'm talking about. Think before you post. Next time.

I reported what my friend told me, almost verbatim. Chaos. Arguing. Lack of math skills. Democrats.

Anonymous said...

3:33 - couldn't agree more. If one is a Republican in Wise County (and a woman).....let us home school and PRAY!.........

Don't you love folks that think God is in the pocket of their apron strings?

Kingfish said...


Lockstepping, orders, lack of thinking skills, Nazi's.


wordkyle said...

KF, thanks for the help, but I wouldn't go so far as to call the Democrats Nazis. Can't argue with the rest, though.

Anonymous said...

Apron strings have pockets? I'd hate to see a liberal weenie in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

4:28, that video on youtube is not available.

Anonymous said...

You and your "ringer friend" are both liers, you hannity buttwipes.
Both you and your imaginary friend get in position and go to the right pivot jerk motion. HAHA.
329 & 345 - Think about which county convention you attended. Think about which county convention someone I know might have attended. Think about if you're talking about what I'm talking about. Think before you post. Next time. (why, do you?) Squawk! Squawl! Wordie wants a Hannity Fecal Patty now!

I reported what my friend told me, almost verbatim. Chaos. Arguing. Lack of math skills. Democrats.

5:25 PM

Don't forget how the Bush Bunch (Rove, Cheney, and the real Thinkers and Stinkers) pulled the wool over the eyes of you Hannity Bo Peeps about how bad McCain would be as President in 2000. He is older now, what does that change? McCain rogue Republow, Brainwashed, wild, liberal, no good, W is better, Tordie loves W, etc.

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle would be the biggest "Tory" if we were back in 1774. He loves Right Wing Media Kings and would "do anything that they might desire" to do to him, and his loose pants. Squeal like a pig Wordie. Weeeee! Weeeeee!!

Anonymous said...

Only Commie Nazis would make comments pertaining to stuff that is nun of their business. May God protect the freedom Loving bunch of Non-Patriots from the CommieNaziCuntservatives. How come the Nazi/Conservative/Repubiican types hate the United Civil Liberties Union? It is because Conservatives hate Liberty? Probably. Everytime a Conservative is elected/appointed/declared to a Government job, the Terrorist win a little. They can just sing and dance all they want, buts it is what these CS's stand for and shout out against, that shows their true "Cono" Colors. Help a Terrorist! Kiss a Cono!"

Anonymous said...

That is funny NeoCons calling Liberals "Nazi" without smiling! NAZI thinking is a lot more in step with "Conservative Values" than Dooby or Chain would want to be known. Big Grand-Daddy Bush Traded with them NAZI Conservative Bastards, so that should say something about the timbre of the current administration. A buck to be made by the wealthy, is a buck to be cherished by NASI Conservatives. Sulk in your NAZI corner a while and think about your loved ones before you. Of course, if your loved ones and you are rich, no need to think too much.

Anonymous said...

One Obama delegate from South Bridgeport was elected amont the 12 elected when the precincts met. The Chair adjourned the meeting before the nominating committee met to elect the 3 delegates at large. The first round of names included one Obama delegate. Then for some reason, the committee met again after one member had gone home. I think but can't be sure, 1 more Obama delegate was elected from at large resulting in 1 delegate less than the percentage of Obama delegates who attended the convention. Perhaps within a week we can get the list of delegates.

Three delegates from Slidell were told by someone at the convention that the delegates were elected two weeks ago and that you had to attend Democratic Party meetings to be a delegate. The three delegates signed in and went home! Slidell was combined with Greenwood and N. Decatur.

Democrats rented the museum for 2 hours and stayed until 5:00 in the afternoon. The sign stating NO FOOD or Drink was covered up with a sign asking for donations!

The grassroots activists took over with five of their leaders taking turns chairing the event, including the credentials, nominating committee and the tabulation committee. The majority being for Hillary Clinton and determined to not let Obama get a single delegate.

I heard someone told activists they were going to call Channel 8 news and finally it ended!

Anonymous said...

2:36, you say McCain is a joke? He fought for our country because he did not shy away from his duty. That already puts him way ahead of the Demo (dummo) duo. Also, whilst the dummo duo fights like little children with one another, McCain shows his dignity and repose as a respected leader. He is waaaay more presidential than the dummo duo. THEY are the jokes!

Anonymous said...

3:16, You say:

"Some of these comments just remind me of the fact that Wise County really is the hairy, smelly armpit of North Central Texas, and is a county full of idiots, red and blue, who, if required, could not pass a competency test if it were a requirement to vote."

YOU live in Wise County so your comment is a reflection of yourself. Maybe you should get the hell out of Wise County if you think it is some kind of cess pool. We sure won't miss you!

Anonymous said...

11:36 Very few party leaders, elected by Democrats, were up front at the convention. Two of the executive committee helped in the sign-in process and one was elected the secretary.

The others, some who never attend a meeting, were recruited by the new County Chair from New Fairview, whom herself only attended a few meetings prior to being elected.

Five or more of the grassroots activists who took over the convention from the County Chair, she allowed the group to partially chair the meeting, went to Texas Democratic Party training. Or at least they claimed they had training.

The group also had majority of the nominating committee that nominated the 3 delegates at large.

The grassroots movement playbook is to hijack meetings and take over the local party. Saturday, they accomplished their mission, like many other counties across Texas.

However, most grassroots activist are Obama supporters. I'm sure this group will have NO problem in switching over.

This is the last Democratic meeting I ever want to attend in Wise County. I will not associate with a group who know the rules and refuse to follow them for their own personal agenda.

And an incident happened to me at the convention that they do not want me to tell. Of course, they would only deny it but it was witnessed by many.

Anonymous said...

It is scary if this blog represents a cross-section of America! Subtract all the infantile name calling and lazy bumper sticker philosophy and what is left? Zero

Not a single solution will work unless the minority is consulted and buys into the proposition. Our leaders need to work at pragmatic compromise so things will work for a change.

So far I don't see a leader on the horizon from either party which leads me back to my first point. It is scary.

wordkyle said...

1201 - "You and your ringer friend are both liers [sic]"

It's certainly hard to argue with logic like that.

The Texas Democratic caucuses managed to give Obama the most delegates even though Hillary won the popular vote.

So now, if Hillary steals the nomination at the convention by turning the superdelegates, Obama supporters don't have the argument that he should be the nominee because he won the popular vote.

Deliciously ironic.

Anonymous said...

6:31AM, when did our current President fight in a war?

Oh wait!

Anonymous said...

Arm Chair Quarterbacks!

7:53 I encourage you to tell, "What happened to you".

Obama "Delegates", Not Alternates, made up only 22% of the total convention. Wise County was allowed 15 Statewide Delegates, with 15 Alternates to the State Convention. The math equaled out to be 12 Clinton Delegates w/ 12 Clinton Alternates and 3 Obama Delegates and 3 Obama Alternates.

After the Delegates from the floor had been elected from the Re-convened and legally re-aligned Precinct Conventions, it was the responsibility of the nominations committee to balance the remaining delegates between the apportionment's of the remaining Delegates not elected at the Precinct level to the State Convention.

The convention was not adjourned until all delegates had been elected. Many Delegates had already left before the nominations committee presented the “at Large” delegates. Again, they left and therefore lost the vote to make decisions that would and could have affected the outcome of the convention. The nominations committee was not responsible for ELECTING the at Large delegates, but to only balance the delegation and recommend the people for election. Challenges from the floor against those recommendations could and were made by those delegates remaining. It was a balanced delegate selection and Wise County will finally show the diversity of voters from our Democratic Party, unlike what it has been in the past.

Our county Chair took ill half way through the convention and ran the convention from a chair along side of the podium, she was unable to stand but offered good direction from the sidelines and remained in control of the convention the whole time. All of this happened even though an effort was made to shut the convention down completely by someone who claims to be a Democrat.

The "Stacked" committees (that really weren't) were appointed and approved by the Wise County Democratic Parties Executive Committee at the March Statutory meeting after the primary in early March.

Anon: 3:58
You have been misinformed. Many Delegates elected to the state are Democratic Party members qualified to be state delegates not because they attend party meetings, but because they voted in the Democratic Primary Race this past March and attended the Precinct level convention and caucused for one of the presidential candidates. Recruiting from the “observers” was not in accordance to the rules of the TDP. In order for a Precinct delegation to be represented, it was the duty, as an elected representative of their precinct, for a Delegate to show up and be counted for their precinct and the candidate they supported depended on their support. If the delegate was unable to attend, they should have informed the precinct delegate chair or the precinct convention chair so that they could appoint one of the alternates. If neither showed up for the convention, then they lost their vote and it was allocated to the rest of the voting strength of the precinct level convention. In other words, if more Clinton delegates were in attendance, they gained a vote even if the Original delegate and alternate was for Obama and vise versa. This is referred to as "voting Full Delegate Strength" even though the positions were not filled. No Recruitment from the observers should have been done without verifying the attendance of the March 4th Caucus and without approval from the Credentials Committee first. The attendees of the County Convention should not been allowed Delegate status without being duly elected by the whole precinct convention the night of the Caucus and then with approval of Delegate status by the Standing Credentials committee. However, without a challenge from the floor, it was not the responsibility of the convention committees nor the county chair to be held accountable for the ethics they lacked. Several Precinct conventions were allowed by the credentials committee to re-convene and elect delegates that were not elected the night of the March Caucus. Again, it was the sole responsibility of the Precinct Convention chair to verify from the Exhibit A Caucus report to determine whether or not they attended the precinct convention and voted in the Democratic Primary so they would qualify as a delegate for the county convention.

I realize the readers of this blog are slighted towards the Republican side and are totally clueless to what happened at the county DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION, but even they should hold better ethics than to accuse or make false accusations about what happened at the county convention they didn't even attend.

Was this a confusing day for many, of course it was. This is the first time that this has happened to the Democratic Party ACROSS THE STATE and NEW RULES were applied rather than use the rules from the past conventions. In the past, many of the conventions had been done wrong in Wise County by the leader previous and many of the Wise County Voters were not represented properly by the a Delegation that represented all the voters and their views from Wise County. This year, it was even more balanced than it ever has been in the past.

mzchief said...

To WordKyle...
Congrats on WRITING a book and double congrats for it being "accepted" Most people do not have what it takes to be able to write a daily journal much less an entire book.


Anonymous said...

11:33 AM

Thank you for an ACTUAL ACCOUNT of what happened at the Convention. Even a bad day at a Democratic meeting beats a good day at a Republican meeting.

wordkyle said...

Thank you, mzchief.

Anonymous said...

So wait a minute-Clinton"won the popular" vote but Obammy gets more delegates? Isn't this the sort of thing that drove liberal weenies to madness back in the days of Bush against Gore? You clowns crack us up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:49 I picture you like the John Wayne Gacy of clowns. Doesnt it suck that it doesnt matter WHICH person gets the nomination. Either one will beat your clown McCain.

Shiate they will beat ANYONE in the Republican Party. America has had enough of the royal screw you have given to the middle class & lets not even mention thousand of American lives given for Bubba Bush Oil !!!

Anonymous said...

7:26, You didn't answer my question. Isn't this the same thing that drove you weenies crazy during Bush v. Bore? After Chelsea came home from a date, Hillary asked her if she had a good time. Yes, I did, I think I am in love. Hillary asked her if she had sex. No, Chelsea said. Not according to dad.

wordkyle said...

729 - Please elaborate on how Republicans gave the "royal screw to the middle class."

Would it be the tax cuts that everyone (not just the rich) benefited from?

Would it be that the "rich" have paid an increasingly higher percentage of all federal income taxes paid since Bush took office? And that the tax liability of middle- and lower-income families was lower because of the Bush tax cuts?

I'm curious to see your proof of your point.

Anonymous said...
This link worked just fine but not one democrat would comment. It is Obama's speech about how he will dismantle the military and concede our super-power status. Democrats say republicans have their head in the sand but I think this proves the reverse is true.

Anonymous said...

11:33 - You have your impressions, I have mine. I will certify that I did vote in the Democrat primary, I DID NOT attend the caucus, I went to the Wise Co convention to observe, was recruited to replace delegates and alternates who did not show. I voted in the precinct delegate selection process (as did my wife who was a sub-alternate).

I have no idea how many others did the same but I heard several calls for audience members who were available to replace missing delegates. Was this illegal? I dunno but it happened. Did it change the outcome? I don't think so. Were there a bunch of undercover Republicans voting? I don't know and I'll bet those running the event don't know either.

The event was a mess. No observant person who was there could possibly say otherwise. However, there were way more folks at this Democratic event than any in attendance had ever seen before in Wise Co. There may be a new dawning of Democrat support and activity in Wise Co.

mzchief said...

To The "rich" Haters...
You people who keep hating on the "rich" do not have a CLUE other than what you have been fed by your Loony Liberal media hate mongers.
In 2005 the top 1% of earners($364,657+) paid 39.38% of all Federal income taxes paid in the U.S.
The top 5% of earners ($145,283+) paid 59.67% of all Federal income taxes paid in the U.S.
The top 10% of earners ($103,912+) paid 70.30% of all Federal income taxes paid in the U.S.
The bottom 50% of earners ($30,881-) paid 3.07% of all Federal income taxes paid in the U.S.
For those of you interested in FACTS here is the link that proves the top 10% get it broken off in them so they can take care of the whiney 90% who seemingly always have both hands out with their palms up.

I do not care how much someone hates the "rich" they can not in good conscience believe the "rich" should pay any greater percentage than the 70.30% they already pay while the other NINETY percent of population pays only 29.70%. It is not like the other 90% did not have the same opportunity as the top 10%, it just means the top 10% did not have babies as teens, probably work 12-16 hours a day 6 days a week or did at some point during their life. People should LOSE deductions after the 2nd child unless they are in a certain income tax bracket and can PROVE they can afford to properly care for their third child. People who acquire additional education should be afforded a greater deduction than those people who either drop out of high school and/or elect to NOT obtain career training. People should be FINED for not taking advantage of the opportunity in the U.S. People who do capitalize on the opportunity in the U.S. should be rewarded with tax incentives rather than being punished by GREATER taxation than those who work their 40 hours and see what they can do to suck off the national teet.


Anonymous said...

Wordbile ....

1 in 10 Americans are on food stamps. Let me guess ..all lazy negros.

The cost of living sky rocket.

Gas thru the roof ....

The list goes on and on ...

Dude ... Everyone in America is wrong. And Wordbile can see the world thru his rose colored glasses as the arm of the Republican party sticks out his ass as they use him for a talking puppet.

If everyhting is so great then the Republicans should cruise to victory this November ..huh ??? Oh thats right you blame the liberal media for fooling America. If I was you I would call the Republican newspaper the Wise County Messenger and complain. Doesnt Roy Eaton have a direct line to the party?

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:19, we're not talking about our CURRENT President who is on hiw way OUT! Who are you? Ken Huges?? LOL!!!
Past is past...and we're now looking AHEAD to a new leader. duh!

Anonymous said...

11:33 AKA Tracy Smith, you will deny this but the Chico delegation are witnesses to the incident. When I, Brenda Rankin, found out at the last minute, Pat Wheeler set down and came up with a different plan the night for combining the precincts, (in the past we used ommissioner precinct 1, 2, 3, 4) and the rule book clearly states if the precincts are combined, the executive committee has to approve it at the first statutory meeting in January, I challenged her decision and it went to the rules committee.

Before the rules committee came back, Pat Wheeler approached me with a cell phone in her hand. She was very upset and very, very angry. Instead of handing the cell phone to me she tried to slam the cell phone against the left side of my face next to my ear. I reacted quickly by moving my head to the left to keep from being hit. She screamed out "This is the State. It has nothing to do with the Commissioner's Court precincts".

At this point, I was so shocked and embarrassed that I closed the cell phone. Chuck Randolph, the Democratic candidate to run against Phil King, whom I won't be voting for after this incident, got the cell phone from me.

Wanting to call whomever was on the phone at the TDP, I asked who was on the phone. Randolph, with a smirk on his face, said "You hung up the phone".

What was the agenda for changing tradition? On Wednesday night, the Credentials committee met at 5:30, a meeting I happened to find out about two hours before). At the meeting Tracy Smith, who was not elected to be the Chair, threatened to challenge in writing delegations without written challenges to the committee. In other words, she was going to submit challenges to the credentials committee that was conduct a meeting and make the final decision. She insisted she had until Midnight Wednesday night, but the rules state 3 days before which Tarrant County claimed was Tuesday March 25th. Delegates from N. Decatur that was combined with Slidell (delegates were told the voting was over and they left the convention) and Greenwood were combined the night before without consent of the executive committee. Had the N. Decatur delegates not been seated (Tracy had a meeting planned for Friday night at the courthouse to hear and decide her "challenges". only three delegates from Greenwood could elect the delegate going to state. Two of those voting were Tracy and her husband.

The precincts were not combined legally for the above reason and Rhome in precinct 3 and Cottondale Precinct 3 were included in Precinct 4; a clear violation of the rules. Consolidation for elections are always within the Commissioners precincts according to the election code.

The nominating committee consisted of three members of the political action committee. The chair was not elected, but appointed. The committee did not have an Obama delegate which made it a stacked committee in favor of Clinton. One member, whom I suggested, had years of State convention experience.

The plan you came up with to move alternates up to delegates was not in the rule book, but it put you in charge instead of the delegations! How many times did I try to say filling out that sheet of paper you were giving everyone was not right.

The Chair appeared back at the podium to announce the elected delegates from the precincts. She failed to ask for a vote to rafify the election.

Then she adjourned the meeting and nearly 2/3 of the delegates left without voting hours later on the three delegates at large.

In 2006, every delegate in the county met and voted to send delegates to the State Convention. It was a unaniuous decision without conflict. Delegates from all four precincts were represented and it was not a presendential year.

Your last attack on the faithful older Party members who have supported the Party over the years, is proof how the grassroots activists want to purge the Party of the old guard and take over the Party.

Saturday, you took the convention away from the County Chair. An over whelmed and frustrated County Chair allowed it.

Anonymous said...

The group that was running the convention are not capable of running a "snow cone stand" in Texas in July, more less running a county or a nation.

My grand kids rocking horse has more common sense than they have.

Somewhere in the past their genes got mixed up with a "goonie bird".

If sound judgement and common sense was worth $10,000 an ounce, they couldn't sell theirs for enough money to get out of the county.

The trees they fail out of most of come have been a giant redwood from California, because the tree they fail out of here in Texas could not have done that much damage.

They don't have enough sense to know you pick your nose before you scratch your butt. (dedicated to Chuck)

Comments posted on behalf of an old Democrat who has had it.

wordkyle said...

242 - Quite a list.

As for your "facts" - The ratio of food stamps is about 1 in 11 (8.9%) of Americans.) This looks okay compared to the mid-90's, when the ratio really was 1 in 10 (10%) of Americans.

Are all those food stamp recipients unemployed? The unemployment rate under Clinton averaged 5.2%. Under Bush the average is 5.2%.

The inflation rate under Clinton averaged 2.59%. Under Bush the average is 2.69%. Is one-tenth of one percent a "skyrocket?"

Is math another "Republican trick?"

If you have data to support your opinions and conclusions, please share them. An informed, thoughtful opinion is easily supported. Otherwise it's mindlessly repeating what you've heard others say.

Anonymous said...

The long, dueling comments about what was done and what the rules are were filled with mistakes on rules. I wasn't there but I do know the rules. One level headed person with a TDP rule book and a copy of "Robert's Rules of Order" could have fixed all the problems.

I personally attended a convention in another county. It was chaotic but we created a delegation balanced in all the criteria required by the rules. It was fun and one of the few opportunities most people have of actually getting involved.

If it is too much trouble for you then stay home and we will handle it the way we want. You just know we will consider your position.

Finally, I believe these two writers have dueled publicly before. Maybe it could be settled with a cat fight.

I hope I have enough spelling errors to get this approved.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't at the convention and that is too bad as I have never had the opportunity to see so many Democrats in one place. I hope many of them will start attending meetings. The Party and the PAC need some people who will work to get Democrats elected. We have a progressive county chair now that has ideas and wants to get people elected and all Democrats need to unite behind her.

Anonymous said...

11:12 It is nice to hear from grassroots Parker County Democrats!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Chief I will be happy to pay those higher taxes if any of the "Rich" folk you are talking about would like to sway money so they can be in a lower tax bracket. I like to help where I can.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Chief I will be happy to pay those higher taxes if any of the "Rich" folk you are talking about would like to sway money so they can be in a lower tax bracket. I like to help where I can.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to find WordKyle's Book. I hear it is outselling Charmin 20 to 1.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Chief I will be happy to pay those higher taxes if any of the "Rich" folk you are talking about would like to save money so they can be in a lower tax bracket. I like to help where I can.
I meant "save" "save Money" to all of you spelling critics. It was really a typo as I know how to spill sauve.

I don't want to swap, but if it will help a poor, wealthy person pay less taxes, I will do it!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:28...So what you are saying is you would like to have something without having to work for it. Do you have any idea how stupid your post makes you look?

Anonymous said...

After reading through this, Randolph may have lost my vote too, and all of the other one or two voters I have influence with.
After hearing from all opinions, I sum this ChaosCus to be complete "BullShit." The Republicanazis have a point somewhat. Glad their conventions did not have any conflicts or discrepancies as they continue their worship of terminal dumbness and closet minds under the reverant watch of Rush and Sean. Might as well throw in that nutball Savage too. He is one off'em. Not Gay in the closet like a lot of Publicans, just in the "closet like" smallness of their cunservative thinking. Hail Republicuns! Look how good a shape the Nation is in now with Publicuns and Cunserevative at the wheel for the last seven years! Go You Cunns! I am with you on this one.
If you are a happy Cunn, tap your toes,
If you are a happy Cunn, tap your toes.....etc.....

Anonymous said...

You mean me wanting to help a poor rich person pay less taxes is stupid? YoPoMo! No! I did not say I wanted something for nothing, duh!, how did you come up with that Braino? I said I would swap money to save tax money for people that make so much money they pay a lot of taxes! I will pay the higher taxes so they don't have to do it. What part do you not understand? It would be a sacrifice on my part, not wanting something for nothing! DS!
By the way, something for nothing sounds kinda Cunservative to me. Are you a Cunservative? Rich? Wanna save Tax Money? How much you got?

Anonymous said...

Typo. Should have read YoPoMoFoCeo.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 4:14/4:48...
I can tell you are a TYPICAL Dumbacrat wanting people to give you something you have not earned or deserve. If you HONESTLY want to pay more in taxes or in the words of typical Dumbacrats, "your fair share," obtain an advanced degree, work 20 years for at least 60 hours a week and then front your own money so you can then work 70 hours a week for 10 years in order to build a successful business. If you are competent then and only then will you earn enough money to pay 36% Federal personal income tax. Oh, but that would require too much effort from someone like you. Since that is the case you will be content to work 40 hours a week at some cratastic job so you can hiss and moan the rest of your life about the raw deal you got and how screwed you were by the "rich" folks. At least in your bitter petty mind you can find comfort in knowing that the "rich" folks only get to keep .64 cents of every dollar they earn and you get to keep .80 cents of every dollar you are paid.

Anonymous said...

fiveOfive, at least that post didn't seem as stupid as yores.

Anonymous said...

Well, another fascinating piece of "truth" by the ex county chair of Wise County. True she was handed a phone by the Ms. Wheeler but slapped to her head is to say the least, a bit overdone. After being handed the phone that was clearly connected to the State Party in Austin was she closed the phone and hung up on the State Party in Austin. She then asked Mr, Randolph if she could talk to the State Party and yes Mr. Randolph with a smirk on his face did answer, "You just hung on them". What did Brenda think the county chair handed the open, operating phone to her for! Mr Randolph then retrieve his phone that he received as a gift from his wife.

As to the Nominations Committee, there was a Obama delegate on the committee and after it was pointed out in the rules, the Nominations committee did the right thing and used the At Large delegate to properly balance the Obama and Clinton delegations to properly represent the vote in the primary in Wise County.

Now to compare the 2006 to the 2008 precinct and county conventions. The 2006 precinct convention I attended could have been held in a phone both and there were no materials at all for available for the Democrats. Copies of the precinct convention materials were provided by the Republicans. Thank you.
In 2008 there were more people then there was room for but the precinct chairman got the job done anyway and made sure all the delegates or alternatives were notified what and where the county convention would be held. We had several no shows anyway but all that attended did get a chance to take part and have their voices heard.
In 2006 at the county convention the chair held the convention at the county court house in the smaller court room where there was plenty of room and had to beg anyone willing to go to the State Convention in Fort Worth. If my memory serves me correctly everyone in attendance was elected to go and other not at the county convention were contacted and asked if they wanted to go.
At that state convention she wanted everyone to vote in a block with no dissension. Not everyone liked that idea and thus this lead to the creation of the WCAD. As a person that stayed from gavel to gavel at this convention, I can assure you that Ms. Rankin was nowhere to be found not long after Mr. Boyd Richie was elected as state party chair.
I am sure that she will have a different take on this also but I have witnesses too.

Anonymous said...

Move Forward Wise County Democrats, I assure you that Brenda Rankin nor her Husband, Former County Precinct Chair, Ray has no remaining influence what so ever of the Democratic Party in the state or Wise County. She is eating Sour Grapes because she can no longer influence or win. The little support she has, I would suggest other Wise County Democrats to consider which side of the road they wish to stand on. The former county chair, with her comments, has lost the respect of any true yellow dog Democrat in Texas and to further support her would be to issue a support for a Republican.

The advice from the State Party is to move forward and move on, you have got a good thing started in Wise County and you should all be proud.

What ever Ms. Rankin's agenda might be, it no longer reflects that of the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I call word count on 6:46.
Over the limit.

Anonymous said...

If I am a Dumbacrat, you are a full-fledged Dumboassican.
We were talking about relieving the high income owners of having to pay so much tax. The solution is to swap with a lower income person, or get a lower paying job. Maybe I could start a job finder business to help folks with high paying jobs get a job with lower pay so they would not have to pay the higher taxes. The discussion was not about me getting a higher paying job to make more money to pay more taxes. In your fantasy mind, this is a good idea, and I would love to pay the taxes a person making a couple of million a year pays, but it ain't gonna happen like your fairy tale world makes it out to be. The old "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" don't work everytime. Most people that have money is because their parents had money, their grand parents had money, and their great grand parents had money, that they probably screwed somebody out of their money decades ago. I can now see why you get a lot of "Shut Up MzChief" 's. Does your Village have more than just you?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Randolph, I witnessed your participation in the nominating committee at the convention on Saturday. Your wife served on the committee, not you.

No Obama member was present and the vacancy was not filled by the Chair; so you and another member of the PAC filled the vacancies.

You were told over and over you were not a member by Lois Ham, of the committee. In fact, the Chair should have ordered you to go sit down with the other delegates.

When this comes out before the November election, and it will, how many Obama voters will approve your actions?

That form of government is not in our constitution, or Texas Democratic Party or the election code. It is how tyranny begins.

Misfits who bully their way to power. Sorry, I do not fear you and will stand up to you.

You are a very sad person with no pride or dignity. It is also sad for the Wise County Democratic Party that you will be a candidate and took over the Convention on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

8:05, the precinct chair in 2006 was the first to deliver the ballot boxes to Central Count. Her family was waiting for her at the funeral home for family visitation for a loved one!

It was your responsiblity to be at the precinct early and make the precinct chair aware of your presence.

The convention materials would have been made available to you upon request.

Your precinct chair is one of the finest ladies I've ever known and is very respected in the community.

Anonymous said...

But she is not a Democrat and should not be representing Democrats or minupulating them into beleiving she is what is best or speaks for the Democratic majority of our party. Brenda might be goining support from the Republicans, but has lost it from Democrats.

Anonymous said...


Brenda Rankin IS NOT OUR COUNTY CHAIR (thank Goodness)anymore. When she resigned, she pledged to retire from politics and move out of the county. I sure wish she would do as she said.

Brenda Rankin with her comments has made it very obvious that she no longer supports the views of the Democratic Party and therefore her opinions and influence should be suspect.

Of course she has the support of the former Republican chair and all the Republicans on this blog. But for now, they are lauphing at her (us). Please stop arguing with somebody who is not a Democrat over non-issues. A house divided will surely fall. Brenda Rankin is no longer a part of our house nor should anybody that supports her.

Anonymous said...

All of the democrats on this blog and still not one to defend Obama's YouTube clip about dismantling of the military. Talk about ignoring facts......

Anonymous said...

Brenda Rankin, when she was County Chair for the Democratic Party, used Tom Craddick ways to control the Democratic Party. She kept the party very small and discouraged new participants in the party from reaching out to many of those who attended the county Convention last Saturday. This again was her way of controlling the party. What I questioned then was, "what was her motivation?"

From her comments now, I see her motivations. She is a Republican.

Anonymous said...

You gotta love the unity of the Democrat party. You got hormonal females having a bitch fight on Barry's blog and Hilldabeast and Obamanation having a bitch fight on the national stage. Well done Democrats, well done.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY Brenda Rankin, you are beginning to sign your name to some of your posts in here instead of just going "anonymous".

What is really amazing to me is that as an EX County Chair, who voluntarily RESIGNED her post, you have never tried to support the new County Chair, Ms. Wheeler, but rather appear to only be working towards her demise.

You spout your knowledge of this and that, regarding party regulations, and so you should have that knowledge with all your years of experience, but wouldn't it be MUCH better to take that extensive knowledge and use it to help Ms. Wheeler learn, rather than try to tear her down, thus tearing down the Democratic Party in Wise County in general too?

Yes, Ms. Wheeler is new to the party Chair position, but from what I've seen, she is trying to learn all she can, as quickly as she can, in order to do a fine job as County Chair. Will mistakes be made by her? The answer, of course is yes, but you didn't learn over night either, so why not give her the same chance?

The only divisive part of the Democratic Party in Wise County at the present time is you, Ms. Rankin, continually trying to stir up trouble within the party between what you call "the oldtimers" and the "actives". Without YOU stiring this pot every time you can, almost all of the folks get along well with one another, no matter whether they're an Oldtimer" or an "Active". We are ALL supposedly trying to work for one goal in this November's election, but you appear to have two goals in mind from your disruptive attitude and what appears to be your own personal " sour grapes" for whatever personal reason you feel you can justify them.

Thankfully, most intelligent Wise County people can see right through your false allegations and to your extreme dismay, The Wise County Democratic Party is united in a way it has never been before. They appear to be working very hard in a way it has never been before,to get Democratic candidates elected this November too.

You're making yourself sound like a bitter old bitty, who now realizes that she resigned her position too early, but doesn't want to see her successor succeed, or The Democratic Party in Wise County succeed at this point, because in your mind it would prove that YOU have been wrong all along and these more politically agressive and active people, with more aggressive ideas, were right all along.

That's a terrible way for a supposedly mature woman to act at a time that is so important to our county, our state, and our country.

Please, if you can't, or won't, help continue to build the Democratic Party in Wise County then just fade away quietly so that your Chair years can be remembered fondly by all. Don't destroy your leadership legacy over foolish and petty jealousy now. You apparently had a fine reputation and record of leadership in The Democratic Party in Wise County. Be remembered as that fine leader and not as a petty person trying to destroy what she will never get back at this point. From reputation, you are more of a lady than that.

wordkyle said...

After all is said and done, this is my view of the presidential candidates.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 10:32...
Arrogant rich people MAY suck but there is not a single lazy poor person who would turn down the chance to be an arrogant rich person.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 11:49...
ACTUALLY, you are WRONG in your assumption that most millionaires/rich people have their money handed to them. "An amazing fact: 80% of millionaires are first generation millionaires; they have made their money on their own, in their lifetime. Many of these folks have been immigrants to the U.S., starting out with minimal cash on hand. Work hard to learn and generate wealth, it CAN be done, and happens in America every day." My husband and I did not have a red cent given to us by ANYONE. Everything we have we have EARNED through HARD work and WISE personal choices.

Read the ENTIRE article and if you are willing to get off your lazy arse and give up BLAMING others for YOUR failure then you too might make something of your life.

Anonymous said...

How did we get off on rich vs. poor when discussing the Democratic convention in Wise Co? For what it's worth, I'm a millionaire if your count unencumbered values and retirement accounts and bank accounts. My wife and I accumulated this by working and saving - and inheriting nothing. So what? We're still on a retirement budget that is getting tighter due to massive inflation on items we need to purchase (regardless of the silly 2.6% measure often quoted). My fuel bill is way up, electricity, propane, food, beer, bread, eggs, wine, travel etc. These prices are up way more than 2.6%. To actually be rich, you now need to be a multi-millionaire.

Anonymous said...

Hope MzChief's neck don't hurt too bad from getting her chain jerked! HaHA! Funny.

Anonymous said...

5:27, sumthin has to be dun bout that beer hicky. The Economy is for shur bad and sour when folks making only a few million a month, year, or whatever, start having to figure a beer allowance. Complete BullShit. We don't want high beer prices, and Beer should not have any kind of tax what-so-ever. Cumon you controlling Republican of the State Of Texas! Cut Beer Tax Now! If not, you CS's must be those tax and spend libs we always hear about disguised as Pugs, and maybe Religious Zealots that hate beer. Not the Baptist that love Beer when alone, but beer in general and in public.

Anonymous said...

HeeeeeHeeeeeYUaaaaaaaa!!!!!! I be a Wise County Redneck voting Republican cause don't care whooo's running! Redneck Right-Wing Government rids us all of things that are Liberal and bad! yeeeeHawwwwwaawawwwwwa!!!!! Nuke'em all!!!! Kill'em Allll!!!! Let Heston and God sort them out!!!!!!!!! One Party, Republican, Under God Almighty, standing against all things Liberal and trying to help anyone. Let the Liberals all go to Hell, where the deserve to be. Not in Heaven, with all the Conservatives that are always reight. Gotta love Mzchief. What an act and writer. Kill Liberals!!!!! For God!!!!!! Act now, and you will recieve 5 free tap lights and a machine that slices and dices, and makes julian frys. And can be used as a weapon againsts Liberals killing them and slicing and dicing them to the Liberal trash they are!!!!!!!!!!!! YeeeeHaaaawwwwwaaaaa!!!!
In case anybody wants to know, I am a typical Redneck Republican Supporter. I love Conservatives!!!!!! They are the best. Don't believe that? Just ask God at your next Church Service. Be sure and Tithe a lot, and it even becomes better.

Screw that broad brush analogy, this is how it is. MF.