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Wise Demo (oxy) Caucus

A faithful reader sends along this email

Have you heard how the Democrat Party convention went in Wise Co.? I attended the disorganized, painfully slow and boring event.

When voting was finally conducted, the various precincts were grouped by their vote in the past governor's election. These groups then by majority vote selected 1 or 2 delegates to the Austin convention. Because Clinton won precincts across the county by about 2 to 1 margin, this pattern was reflected in the precinct votes resulting in Clinton winning ALL the delegates from Wise Co. So even tho Obama won about 35% of the vote, he received about 0% of the delegates.

Where this format was very unfair to Obama here, he had the same advantage in the really big precincts statewide. My summary is that it was a real mess; Wise Co Democrats are a weird looking, very old agglomeration of folks with nothing better to do on a Saturday morning and afternoon. Will Rogers would recognize this as not an organized party, it was a Democrat party.