The Campaign For DA


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

- You have to almost shed a tear after reading about the couple married for 75 years then dying within 5 hours of each other from natural causes.
- Tim Matthews on NBC is irritating.
- People have told me about the guy with the tie beside FM 51 in Decatur who begs for money. I've finally saw him. I really would like to talk to him and report back, but I haven't built up the guts to do it.
- Dallas DA Craig Watkins, who is ill-qualified for the job, sure hates criticism. Every time the DMN or some big time blog in Dallas dogs him, he fires off a multi-paragraph rebuttal.
- I've refrained from posting this size 16 England beauty pageant hopeful.
- I'm watching Ann Curry on The Today Show faking concern during an interview - complete with "Oh, my gosh!" and ending with the throw-away comment of, "I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this." Worst. Reporter. Ever.
- Random "Hey, Now"
- Thanks to faithful reader Tony for sending in the above photo last night.