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What Else Is Out There?

Someone gave me a copy of EndTime magazine. I didn't even know there was an Endtime magazine.


Anonymous said...

The subscription goes until Dec 21 2012

Anonymous said...

"For larger gifts and estate planning, please call Endtime at 1-800-363-8463 and ask for our Partner Department."


Crap, Barry - don't feign ignorance. Just go to the religious channel section of your own cable/satellite TV delivery'll scare the bejebus out of ya, if you are so stupid, and then you WILL send them money, which is exactly what they want.

Or, just let the gubmint take away all the tax-exempt status ratings for these shammers. That might go a long way in helping us recover the cost of the Iraq war. I read somewhere on the innerwebs that Texas is trying to do that to the Scientlogists. I hope that's true!

Gawd, I pray for the end of the world as we know it, and believe me, I will feel just fine.

P.S. I predict this thread could potentially reach over 100.....but not without The Sheeple......come on you Republican born-again, evangelical, war-loving patriots - start defending yourselves....NOW!

the procrastinator said...

I'm gonna wait and post something over-the-top absurd on Dec 20 at midnight.

Jarhead said...

I hate the term "sheeple." Use "zombies" or "drones" or something like that instead.

Anonymous said...

Uh, there's some porn "out there" too. It's more entertaining than that religeous crap.

RPM said...

I hear they have ads for Kool Aid and sneakers at discount prices!

Anonymous said...

How sweet to see GW Bush on the cover. Where is his halo?

6:42 - shame on you. This mag will find it's way into every Republican evangelical's home in Wise County.


Anonymous said...

... or its accompanying periodical, End Of Days Weekly.

Anonymous said...

What's the significance of a "signed peace treaty" to Bush? Haven't you heard that treaties don't mean anything to him "during time of war" so he can just ignore them. The Palestinians and Israelis seem to be in a constant war stance so what good is another treaty? Bush's precedences - legal and illegal - may haunt us for a long time.