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I'm Cancelling My Subscription to OK

They lied to me.

But the sad partis that this is the best Britney news we have. How I long for the good old days where she'd go crazy on a daily basis and parade around with darn near nothing on. I'm all for good mental health but not at the expense of depriving me of material.


Bulldog said...

Why would anyone give a rat's ass about Britney?

I'm just sayin.

Anonymous said...

What? The media (admittedly tabloid in this case) not giving us accurage information? Heaven forbid!!

Anonymous said...

w/o brit, my banjo gets whacked alot less.

Anonymous said...

Good, you saved some money. I'm sure Ano would be willing to drop off her recently-read copies of People for ya.

AnObiter said...

Nice thought, Anon, but C.J's got first dibs on mine. Oh, and the "sad partis" Barry's got that subscription already --what's he doing wasting money on OK?!....;)