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I've Been Begging For This Here For Years

From San Antonio:

Hoping to ease clogged court dockets and put more drunken drivers under the state's watch, Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed today will begin making a new pitch to people facing a first-time DWI charge.

The deal would allow drivers to avoid a formal DWI conviction — and some of the hefty financial penalties that come with it — in exchange for a quick guilty plea to a different charge and an agreement to abide by a raft of conditions that are far more rigid than the rules of probation typical for such cases.

I don't know if either of the Wise County Attorney candidates (who are in a run-off) would support such a policy.


bigfan said...

if this works then great. it's been my experience that if people do not change their behavior, they will continue to do what they have always done, thus continue to get what they always got! something i often pass on - just sayin

Anonymous said...

I could support it maybe for those who "do" blow in a breathylizer (sp?) and their number comes out 1.2 or lower. People who are shit faced drunk don't deserve a special exception. People who do not have a wreck and are barely over the limit might deserve a second chance. Of course, the first time one of these second chance people runs over my daughter while drunk, I will hate this special exception.

Barry, we have to get drunks off the road. They are killing people. The stiff penalties and fines sure are a deterent to me. I will only have one beer with dinner or elsewhere and drive now.

Anonymous said...

I say give it a try. You need to target first offenders; give them the benefit of a chance to not incur a DWI conviction.

The problems start at the store/bar level. Problem #1, alcohol consumption is glorified in commercials, and most people form their drinking habits through trial and error. Not a good way to figure this out. In truth, alcohol is one of the worst drugs because its effects vary, are so subjective and there is no place for feedback. Prescription drugs can be discussed with the doctor that prescribed, especially if you want a refill.

Go talk to the convenience/liquor store clerk? Alcohol is regulated the way it is to make sure a lot of it can be sold.

Anonymous said...

And the fact is, this may be the greatest change since sliced bread, but one of these pleas goes out that night, gets drunk and kills a van full of kids, it's all over.

I can hear it now:

This is Mike Snyder, let's go to on the scene report Jane McGary at the scene of a horrible fatality that could have been prevented...

HHL said...

ummm... wasn't there a WC county attorney who tried this once before? i seem to recall that things didn't work out to well for him in the end.

of course, his subsequent involvement in drug trafficking probably didn't help matters... but the history here likely doesn't bode well for a similar program in the future.

Anonymous said...

maybe we should ban alcohol. Fight a war against it. That would work.

mzchief said...

If the plan cuts into revenue for the county and the possibility of screwing over someone for the rest of their life, it will NEVER fly in Wise County.

bigfan said...

Mzchief, why are you such a hater? if you don't like it here in good ol' Wise County, why not move away where things better suit your ideals?

Bulldog said...

Well said, Mzchief.

Anonymous said...

bigfan - I don't think Mzchief is a hater. What she said is 100% true.

RPM said...

Maybe if the women in the WC were hotter it would require less use of beer goggles.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

So we give these folks a "break" because they CHOSE to drive when they were intoxicated?

I do not under stand this at all. Why is it that folks can decide to drink, but can't decide not to drive.

Drink if you want, but just stay out of your car. Is it that hard to do?

No need for a war against alcohol or bars. No relationship to revenue. This program is just passing the buck. Instead of making up new programs to coddle folks along, why don't we enforce the law we have.

I really have no problem with the law as it is.

Drinking = OK.
Drinking/Intoxication in car = Not OK

Can it be any more simple than this? Just stay the heck out of your car and you will NEVER need this program or any other.

Andria said...

...and don't forget the other part of this new way to handle DWI's. That would be the policy that if you refuse to blow, then a blood test is mandatory. Am I smelling some 4th Amendment issues here or is that my imagination?

As a side note... because the dockets are so overcrowded, "Calcutta" is how we lovingly refer to the County Courts in Bexar County. Wonder what new nicknames will come up now?

Anonymous said...

You've been beggin for this and a date with Justin Nichols for years!