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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Stock market talk is giving me Tired Head.
  • Problem solved: More government regulations with the silent realization that the government will bail you out if all goes wrong ---- ah, yes, the cornerstone of free enterprise.
  • Baylor plays on Friday night for the second time in two weeks. Please no high school football jokes, please.
  • If I don't read Newsweek on the first day that I get it, I never get around to it before the next one arrives.
  • Snakes On A Plane is on cable every now and then. Man, that was awful.
  • It took me years to learn it, but drink coasters are important.
  • There's a hot air balloon festival in Plano this weekend. I've never been to one much less on a balloon. (And Fox 4 played 99 Luftballoons in the background while reporting on it.)
  • Had some kid roll down his window and bark like a dog as I jogged pasted his car the other day. So odd.
  • I feel lazy when I buy those salad-in-a-bag products.
  • It seems that every wrongfully convicted guy released in Dallas after being imprisoned for 20+ years is never bitter.
  • With all these bailouts by the government (which is nothing more than printing money), why won't inflation go through the roof?
  • A lady in Granbury protests the high school flag which is that pirate-jolly-rogers-skull-and-cross-bones thing. "I appreciate our teams and coaches, too. But I have to stand up for my biblical convictions," she said. I soooooo wish she lived here.
  • I ran across a pic of hottest girl in a bikini top with an amputated leg over at What Would Tyler Turden Durden Do. I was debating about whether to post it until I realized I was spending precious moments of my live life involved in that debate. Edit: Man, I struggled with the keyboard on this one.
  • Got this email on a "way for your blog to make money." Here was the pitch "Right now we are doing promotional giveaways. You write an article about a product. Then you encourage the viewer to click on a link that is imbedded in the article. To enter the contest, the viewer has to retrieve some information from the advertisers web site. For example, we might get the viewer to pick out there favorite color. They post a comment with their favorite color. Then, we pick a winner."................ It's boring and confusing.
  • The new paved roads in Decatur are actually impressive. Much better than the "throw down some tar and gravel" that was used last time.