I'm not sure I've had ever been in a tattoo parlor. Until this weekend. (For those of you immediately worried if I have defaced my otherwise glorious body, don't worry. It was for sight seeing purposes only.) But, man, what a crazy place. I saw one girl lying face down getting a full back tattoo (I think it was a pair of wings) as her boyfriend looked on. Saw a couple of girls going into a back room which I think involved piercings. Not exactly sure what was going on there but I have an idea. And the walls were plastered with tattoo prints that you could choose from. Man, the possibilities were endless. Obviously, I had to take out the ol' cell phone camera when I came across Laughing Jesus. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. (Although the dinner time scene of Talladega Nights kept popping in my head.) The price is written off to the side: $400.