The Campaign For DA


The Briefest Random Thoughts

  • Caught about 30 minutes of No Country For Old Men last night on cable. I had seen it in the theater and walked away with a "good but not great" review. I might have been too harsh.
  • Great Baylor game last night. It's fun just to be competitive again (although it's kind of sad that I'm happy with that.)
  • ESPN's College Game Day is more fun in theory than in practice.
  • I need to mow the yard.
  • I'm not sure I know one song on Billboard's Top Ten - I haven't listened to music on the radio in the last six months. I need to fix that.
  • I can't sleep late any more.
  • Edit: If you didn't see it, the I Hate This Hummer guy from Southlake turned himself in. He's 72. He probably wants a do over.