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The Guy That Hid In The Closet Is A Free Man

Remember this guy? This 27 year old guy from Pennsylvania had a buddy drive him to the home of a 14 year old girl in Bedford that he had met on The Internets. He stays with her on Sunday night (she kept him in the closet) but the jig was up when the girl's mother found him sleeping in the teen's bed while she was at school. Well, a Tarrant County Grand Jury has decided the guy shouldn't be prosecuted. The charge was that of Sexual Assault of a Child (basically consenaul sex with someone under 17 years of age.) From reading the story, it's hard to tell what went on behind the scenes. Either the DA went in there and said, "All we have is the 14 year old's word that they had sex and she really doesn't want the kid prosecuted anyway" or the Grand Jury simply decided to revolt and not clog the system with this type of case. If it's the latter, grand juries need to do it more often. Edit: The more I think about this, I wonder if the grand jury believed that the girl had lied about her age. Amazingly, that's not a legal defense for the guy, but they may have cut him a break nevertheless.