There Would Be Some "Confused Head" At The Polls

The chance of this happening is a million to one, but wouldn't it be fascinating? I think McCain would still win Texas in a write-in campaign but it would at least make it one crazy race. Both Obama and McCain would have to rely upon people being smart enough to write their names in - a dicey proposition to say the least. And straight party voting would help neither one of them if their names weren't on the ballot. Delicious. And if Obama was smart, he should take the position that Barr is right - that both the Republican and Democratic nominees should be thrown off the ballot. I mean, there's no way he's going to win Texas so it couldn't hurt his chances. (I so love the Libertarians but I can't stand Bob Barr.) Edit: Someone wrote that you have to "file" as a write-in candidate and it's too late to do that. And, I'll be dang, he/she was right.