The Campaign For DA


We Interrupt This Political Bickering . . .

. . . to celebrate jet skiis.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so where are the jet skis? Quit with the teases if you ain't gonna deliver.

Anonymous said...

I have a new jet ski.
I don't look like that on it!

Jarhead said...

"I met her on a Wednesday
She was the best

Come Sunday morning,
I needed rest

Because she didn't shave,
She didn't use Neet

She tried to use my face as a bicycle [jet ski] seat.

Word, am I fresh?" ~ Stitch Jones

Anonymous said...

well after a terrible morning selection yesterday barry, you have most definitely picked up the slack on pics because the last two have been off the hotness chart.

that's my boy!

Billy said...

Watersports thats a nice break from all the donkey asses and elephant asses !

Anonymous said...

me luvs me sum jet skis

Anonymous said...

once again perv... your sick, your not married are you?