Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Cowboys are on tonight. Don't watch it. None of the starters will play.
  • Man, there was no news yesterday. A change in policy about tailgating at Texas Stadium was one of the biggest stories. (We even had a Fox 4 reporter broadcasting live from the empty and dark Cowboys' parking lot this morning.)
  • I've always jacked around with that Twitter thing, but with high school football starting up, I thought it would be neat to have updates "tweeted" in from Wise County games. If you've got a cell phone, a Twitter account, are attending a Wise County High School game, and would be willing to text in updates to Twitter, give me a shout at blog2 @ wisecounty.com (no spaces)
  • Michael Phelps is going to host Saturday Night Live. That will fail. (Some girl told me the other days that she would be willing to have Phelps' "fish babies." So confusing.)
  • Watched "Hard Knocks" on HBO last night. Man, that team drops a lot of F Bombs. Coaches, players and owner were the culprits.
  • Someone told me that Devon Energy plans to build a 50+ story building in Oklahoma City. What? Cottondale not good enough?
  • Do you think George Mitchell thinks he may have sold out to Devon just a little too early? (That was 2001 for $3.5 billion).
  • Got a report that a vehicle belonging to a government agency in Wise County was parked at the Southlake Town Center during the middle of the day yesterday. (Vague enough for you?)
  • I don't know who Jodie Marsh is, but "hey, now."
  • I think I figured out why Bill Clinton is such a good speaker. He knows how the audience is going to react to his lines and he mimics them. For example, if he drops a line which he knows will get a smile, he pauses and smiles with them. Same thing for lines that will cause a look of concern.
  • If Bill Clinton could be the presidential nominee this time, he would win easily, wouldn't he?
  • I successfully replaced a taillight last night on my beaten up SUV. Taillights are easy. Headlights are not.
  • From the Morning News: "As part of an ongoing investigation, Parker County authorities arrested at least five people Wednesday on suspicion of conspiring to steal chemicals from locations across North Texas to produce amphetamines." Assuming those facts are correct (a big "if"), those people weren't arrested for possession of dope. They were arrested because police think those folks were thinking about stealing chemicals that might be used to cook dope. And that's after six months of using your tax dollars.
  • Pics of Tony Romo's new house. Channel 5's Mike Synder even reported the other night that "It's even got enough room for when Jessica Simpson is in town." And that wasn't fake ad-libbing. It was part of his scripted story.
  • Baylor v. Wake Forest tonight at 7:00. I'm thinking about doing a silly "live blog" for the three of you interested. Hey, it's a celebration of life. Or something.
  • A while back I was tracking that lady who was rowing across the Pacific. It's been 95 days and this week she will arrive in Hawaii.