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The Lies About Obama

Never have so many lies been told about one man. And the newest one by the Republicans is that "Obama will raise your taxes." As Scott Burns of the Dallas Morning News pointed out a couple of weeks ago, and as the Washington Post points out today using the above chart, that ain't true. And dear Wise County resident, just what would happen to your taxes? Edit: Thought I'd look up how Wise County voted in 2004 ... John Kerry 4,783 (23.9%) George Bush 15,177 (75.8 %) Other 71 (0.4%)


Jarhead said...

Well, I don't live in Wise County, but it looks like my taxes would go up by over $700,000!

There goes the down payment on my custom yacht and new McMansion...


Anonymous said...

We all know that it depends upon whose charts and whose figures you are quoting now don't we?

As a "dear Wise Countian" I am far more concerned with the prospect of the loss of a strong America due to weak, inexperienced leadership than I am about an increase in county taxes.

Anonymous said...

11:41, a monkey could have been a better President than Bush. Why are you all the sudden concerned about aptitude?

Anonymous said...

McCain is old and out of touch and he cannot relate to my world.

Anonymous said...

Charts are probably factual. Yet, I wont hold my breath. Should my income taxes go down (my income is fixed) I am relatively certain that DISD, Wise Co commissioners, and our beloved Gov Perry, will combine to see that I don't realize anything.

The part that really chaps me however is the rich crying fowl. Practically the entire tax code is written to protect, hide, their income. Mine is right there on the 1099. No off-shore perks, no limited partnerships, no thousand pages of deductions.

Now if they truly paid on their income, maybe I could believe some of their tears.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you liberals ask Obama about his connection to the terrorist William Ayres?

Or.......does Obama's CLOSE relationship with a man who tried to bomb the capital building even matter to liberals?

Anonymous said...

"I am surprised that James Carville could be married to a lying, piece of garbage like Mary Matalin. When a person engages in outright lies, I lose all respect for them. Their credibility is nil. To be married to a liar whose is unattractive as well must be tortuous."

From a comment section of a Newsweek Blog.

A Matalin fan could/would say the exact same thing about Carville just swicth the names around.

Funny huh? We'll believe whatever we want to believe.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that a Harvard educated lawyer making LOTS more money than I do is the savior who is so in touch with me. Bull$#%&.

I doubt I'll ever meet a politician (or a lawyer) who is in touch with me and people like me. Whether they have 7 houses or went to Ivy League schools they aren't in touch with me.

Anonymous said...

ALL PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS ARE's just that simple..dumbass

Anonymous said...

damn jarhead..that skull and crossbones are really starting to scare me, that's bad medicine...... MY NAME IS DOUBLE FAKE NOBODY

Anonymous said...

We are thinking you are fixated on poor Obama. His vocabulary of nothingness has captured you...pity. Just for a moment listen to the ridiculous lies and propaganda coming from the DNC.

Not Convinced said...

The chart says "taxes". Are the numbers inclusive of all fed taxes, e.g. proposed changes to Soc Sec, Cap Gains, etc., or only Fed Inc Tax? Big $$ difference to not all, but many people, in all income brackets.

Anonymous said...

Taxes are going to go up because too many people with too many expectations are on the public gravy train. Their numbers go up, and the numbers of those that have been paying the freight are going down. So we either tell the folks crying for a free ride "no", or we bleed those that are productive until they die or decide to give up.

Billy said...

I'm confused?I make a dollar and pay taxes on it.I spend the dollar i pay taxes on it.The entity I spend the dollar with pays taxes on it.Said entity spends the dollar and tax is paid on it..and so on ... and so on.So how much is that dollar really worth!Damn I wish i could that kind of return on my money!


Anonymous said...

Not Convinced hit the nail on the head. Capital Gains tax will increase from 15% to 25% under the proposed changes by Obama. This increase will hurt in all tax brackets. Also, the estate tax exemption amount will be decreasing which means more of an estate is taxed when someone passes on. This will cause people that may not have any cash inheritance to have to sell the family farm to pay estate tax. The chart does not go into detail all of the tax increases that will happen once a democrat is elected. People need to do some more research on the subject if you are voting on taxes alone.

Anonymous said...

To the poor folks who decry the possible reduction in the "estate tax", please understand that it applies to estates of over $3.5 MILLION under Obama's plan. Now if you set up your estate in his, hers, and his/hers estates, you can easily shield over $10 million before there is any tax on the estate. Just how many of you have estates over 10 million that might be taxed at all? This whole fuss about estate tax is a charade. Now some folks who might actually be affected like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett actually endorse the estate tax - and they have enough to really have an impact. You guys with a $100,000 or even a $3,000,000 estate just don't have anything to be concerned with!

Anonymous said...

I think you would be surprised at who has estates valued at more than $3.5 million. With the way the gas companies are throwing money around, the farmers who have struggled their entire life now earn millions a year. McCain wants a 15 percent rate, and a $5 million exemption, while Obama advocates a 45 percent rate and a $3.5 million exemption.

Another thing is the Social Security that someone mentioned earlier.

"The 6.2 percent payroll tax is now applied to all wages up to $102,000 a year, which covers the entire amount for most Americans. Under Obama's plan, the tax would not apply to wages between that amount and $250,000. But Obama has said all annual salaries above the quarter-million-dollar amount would be taxed under his plan."

There are alot of people in this world that have salaries at $250,000. These are the people who pay most of the federal income tax anyway. I think I read one time that 10-20% of the U.S. population pays 90% of the tax in this country. Pretty soon the rich will get sick and tired of supporting people on welfare and move.

Anonymous said...

4:21 $3.5 million is still a low threshold for many small businesses, and yes, farms. And in community property states, "splitting" the estate can be extremely onorous.

Regardless of which side of "the rich should pay more tax" you are on, the estate tax is an egregious case of double taxation, which is why I am opposed to it.

Gates and Buffett cannot spend all the money they have. If they wanted to put their money where their mouths were, they would leave some money to the government. But both will probably leave most to the foundation into which they have already put billions. I bet it's because they believe they can do a better job with the money than the government....and of course, they're right!

wordkyle said...

Without analyzing the accuracy of the numbers, let's look at this. Under McCain's plan, everyone gets a tax cut. Under Obama, there are tax increases.

Those making more than about $425,000 a year (the "top one percent") pay 39.1% of all federal taxes.

Those making less than about $35,000 a year -- the bottom 50% -- pay only 3.1% of all federal taxes.

In other words, the top one percent of taxpayers pay thirteen times as much as the bottom fifty percent.

How much is their "fair share?"

This doesn't even take into consideration how many of the high wage earners own small businesses that employ those in the bottom fifty percent. Tax the top taxpayers too much and they may have to lay off employees.

Class envy on parade.

Obama's problem is not that voters will believe the lies. It's that voters will discover the truth. The more Americans find out about Obama, the lower his poll numbers go.

Anonymous said...

Any of you Wise County mental giants want to bet on the out come of the election?

Let me guess ... everyone in America will be wrong and you dumb ass rock truck drivers voted for Mcpain oppss .. McCain.

wordkyle said...

Obama is expected to win, in a landslide. Pundits point out that Republicans are in the biggest funk since Watergate. McCain isn't even exciting Republicans. The media have given Obama glowing coverage en masse since he began campaigning. No one in the mainstream media has seriously challenged or questioned Obama.

The real question is what will you Democrats do if Obama loses? Most Americans have voted against the Democrat presidential candidate for the last thirty years. With all the supposed advantages Obama has, why is he statistically even with the "dead" John McCain? The more Americans learn about Barack Obama, the lower his poll numbers go.

Anonymous said...

Obama's Democratic Party is a party of special interests and corrupt labor union bosses! Last night he did what I told you would do, he promised the Hillary Clinton voters a decrease in their taxes! During that part of the speech the thousands stopped crying and applauding because it was the old Democratic party part of the speech!

Obama telling us I'm my brother's keeper tells me he is a revolutionary and a product of Rev. Wright and William Ayers.

Obama speech laid down the rules for the upcoming campaign with John McCain...take character and patriotism off the debate. John McCain proved his love of country as a POW and by years of service to his country. His grandfather and father were military leaders, not ultra liberal or Muslim. Obama would not have tolerated anti-American hate speech from the pulpit if he was not a believer in Black Liberation Theology, Marxist teaching!

Obama will do anything to win in November just like he did in the primary!

Yes, he will raise taxes on your employer and force them to give into the demands of labor unions.

The result will be more jobs going to China and India with only service jobs remaining. We need to fear labor unions more than big corporations because big wages for doing nothing on the job will not allow our businesses to compete in a global economy that is here to stay.

It is too risky to vote for Obama. Look at Rev. Wright and William Ayers to understand the character and judgement of the man who has taken over the old Democratic Party.

If he is elected, Democrats will lone for the days of GW Bush.